Health Insurance

In accordance with federal immigration policy and the State University of New York, appropriate and sufficient health insurance is a mandatory requirement for all international students and scholars enrolled at SUNY campuses. Health insurance coverage for accompanying family members is a mandatory requirement for J-2 family members and available to other non-immigrant visa holders as well.

Your international health insurance is through United HealthCare Student Resources, and is provided through Binghamton University. It provides comprehensive medical insurance for accidents and illness, plus medical/security evacuation and repatriation coverage. When accessing the site, you will be prompted to enter your school's name (Binghamton University), then select the policy year.

All international undergraduate and graduate students with non-immigrant visas, with the exception of permanent resident visas, who are registered for classes at Binghamton University will be automatically enrolled in the United HealthCare Student Resources insurance policy unless authorized for exemption by Binghamton University.

What this means to you:

  • You will be automatically enrolled in United HealthCare Student Resources's international insurance plan during a time frame after your active class registration takes place each semester. You will be billed accordingly on your student account per semester.
  • The insurance plan coverage will include benefits for medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Each semester, once the enrollment process is complete, you will receive email notification from United HealthCare StudentResources. The email will contain information needed to register on their website.
  • The United HealthCare StudentResources website allows you to print your insurance ID card, access your user guide and coverage certificates, search for a participating medical provider anywhere worldwide, access prescription medication translation guides, follow claims processing status for claims submitted on your behalf by your medical providers as well as other services.

Current insurance rates

Rates vary by semester, and are subject to change annually. Current rates can be found here.

Insurance forms

Students who are authorized for OPT or Academic Training are able to continue health insurance through United HealthCare Student Resources international insurance. Additional information and related forms are available on our website.

For information on dependent insurance, make a selection from the following:

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United HealthCare Student Resources

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