Gifts and Endowments

Libraries are forever. We deal in perpetuity; this is our perspective and our purpose. We value continuity, honoring a connection with the past while creating a bridge to the future. 

                      - Dean Curtis Kendrick

Make a gift 

Wonderful things happen when alumni and friends support the Libraries. Consider making your cash gift to the Libraries today.

Match a gift

Many employees have a matching gift program that multiplies the gifts their employees make to institutions of higher education. Given through a matching gift program, your gift can double or triple the impact.

Planned Giving

You can also include a charitable gift in your overall estate and financial plans. This type of planned giving lets you support Binghamton University far into the future while also giving you tax and other benefits. 


Endowments provide support in perpetuity for resources, scholarships, programs, or professorships. These named giving opportunities will benefit any number of library functions and projects, from collections to preservation to instruction.

Named Collections

Selected collections of books or other materials may be named for benefactors who contribute significant financial gifts for the preservation of the collection.

Stocks and Securities

These gifts can be donated via registered mail, electronic transfer or in person. 

For more information on Libraries' development contact:

Carrie Blabac-Myers
Constituent Development Officer for Binghamton University Libraries
PO Box 6000 | Binghamton, New York 13902-6000