Digital Collections

The Binghamton University Libraries’ Digital Collections is a gateway to born-digital and retrospectively digitized materials unique to the Binghamton University community,  a small portion of which is restricted to on-campus only.  The purpose of the Libraries’ digital collections is to provide access to materials in order to enhance scholarship, teaching, and community engagement. The collection will continue to grow as more of our collections are digitized and described, and as we develop partnerships with the campus and community.

Contact us to learn more about how you can partner with the Libraries to develop digital collections.

We invite you to explore our collections below.

About our Digital Collections

Our main source of our digital collections is from the Libraries’ Special Collections. While we have been digitizing materials from Special Collections for many years, this represents a very small portion of our special collections. We encourage you to visit our Libraries to view our unique Special Collections.

We also partner with other departments on campus to build digital collections in support of research projects, digital scholarship projects, and exhibits.

Our digital collections platforms include Omeka and BePress’ Digital Commons. We use Ex Libris’ Rosetta for digital preservation.  We have also submitted several of our collections to New York Heritage. We use Dublin Core for descriptive metadata.

Search our Digital Collections

The majority of our digital collections are searchable through the online catalog, Find It! Limit search to Digital Collections materials by selecting "Local Digital Collections" in the drop down, or use the following link.

Search our Digital Collections

Propose a Digital Collection

We are able to support the creation of new digital collections whether the materials have been digitized or not.  Building a new digital collection provides preservation and access, and ensures the availability of materials for teaching, learning, research, and scholarship. 

Contact us to learn more about how you can partner with the Libraries to develop digital collections.


Many items in our digital collections are copyrighted. If you want to reuse any material in our collection you must seek permission, or decide if your purpose can qualify as fair use under the U.S. Copyright Law Section 107. If you think copyright or privacy has been violated, the University Libraries will investigate the issue. Please see our take down policy.

If using any materials in this online digital collection for educational or research purposes, please cite accordingly.

Accessibility Statement

Ensuring that our digital collections are accessible is a priority for the Libraries.  As such, we are committed to providing an equitable experience for all individuals by following accessibility standards, responding to user feedback, and providing support and accommodations.

We aim to ensure that new digital collections are created with accessibility in mind and are working to improve the accessibility of older collections.  

We believe it’s essential for everyone to be able to request, retrieve, and access our digital collections, especially our audio and video digital collections. If you desire access to a recording, we will make all efforts to provide a transcript in a timely manner. Please contact to make a request.