MA Statistics: Tuition and Financial Aid Information

As a top-rated public university, Binghamton University offers an elite education at a fraction of the cost of most private schools in the United States.


MA Statistics

1) Cornell
Applied Statistics

2) Columbia
MA Statistics


2 years

1 year

30 credits

per semester

3) $5,545 ($11,325)
first two semesters;
$4,158 ($8,496) after

4) $27,292

5) $34,392 
first two semesters; 

Total tuition

$19,186 ($39,642)


(calculated for two years)


$90 per credit


$1,044 per sem.

6) Living expenses

Binghamton, N.Y.

Ithaca, N.Y.

New York, N.Y.

  • The numbers in the parentheses are for out-of-state students (including international students.)
  • Living expenses are shown as student cost of living for consumables as a percentage of the U.S. National Norm.

For more information about current tuition and fees:

Financial Aid Information

Normally, there is no tuition waiver or stipend for students in the MA in Statistics program. However, we constantly select top students in the MAS program to be teaching assistants in their second year, who receive partial financial support. Moreover, graduate students at Binghamton may obtain financial support from a variety of sources and the options will be unique to each student. Explore the many options by visiting the Graduate School’s Financial Aid and Funding webpage. You may also contact Binghamton University’s Office of Financial Aid for additional information and services.

  2. Columbia MA in statistics program, tuition is determined by the Resident Unit that students register for along with the classes. The resident unit category rather than individual classes will determine the tuition charge. MA Statistics student registers for 2 Resident Units in the first two terms ($34,392 per semester) and then Extended Residence for all the terms ($13,076 per semester) until completion of the program.