Capstone Projects

Global Studies - Capstone Projects

Global Studies Capstone Projects are a work of original scholarship which synthesizes a student’s major disciplinary training, interdisciplinary perspectives, diverse data, knowledge gained from intercultural and collaborative experiences, as well as insights from a student’s biographical background – all through the innovative applications of language, culture, and technology.

In the GLST seminars, students draw directly on the specialized knowledge and skills they gain through studies in their major(s) to bring them into broader conversations about cross-cultural and transnational events and ideas through their exploration of a “target culture” (or abroad site).

Through GLST coursework students relate the full range of their academic and personal background and interests, in ways that recognize the critical role of personal identity to further enhance.  The end product of a student's engagement in the GLST sequence and the globalized educational experience is a research-focused, multimodal, analytical Capstone project that reflects a student’s academic focus, personal interests, and career goals.

Students are strongly encouraged to develop projects which can be useful in multiple ways and which can serve as bridges to future objectives and career options. The Global Studies Capstone Project is published on online platforms which are visually appealing and engaging, and which can be easily showcased.

Featured Global Studies Capstone Projects:

CAPSTONE: The Relationship between Italian Culture and the Mental Health of Nurses in the Time of a Pandemic

Alexandra Antony, Nursing Major, Decker School of Nursing.

CAPSTONE: The Effect of Female Genital Mutilation on Women and Their Communities in East Africa

Alexandra Pozo, Biology Major, Harpur College of Arts & Sciences.

CAPSTONE: Cute Girls and Soft Power: AKB48’s Role in Japanese Pop Cultural Diplomacy at Home and Abroad

Amanda Earls, Linguistics Major, Harpur College of Arts & Sciences.

CAPSTONE: Ñeha’ãmbarete: The Survival of an Indigenous Language in Paraguay

Cairo Gaona, Spanish Major, Harpur College of Arts & Sciences.

CAPSTONE: Mukbang: An Investigation into the Cultural Implications of and Psychological Reasons behind the Korean Mukbang Phenomenon

David Lee, Business Administration Major, School of Management

CAPSTONE: Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Katherine Simon, Human Development Major, College of Community and Public Affairs.

CAPSTONE: Eating Disorders in U.S. College Campuses

Laura Navarro, International Student, Integrative Neuroscience Major, Harpur College of Arts & Sciences.

CAPSTONE: Tourism and Public Health: The Case for Thailand

Liam Lane, Anthropology Major, Harpur College of Arts & Sciences.

CAPSTONE: Shining Light on the Effects of Renewable Energy in Tanzania

Pauline Faith Macapinlac, Biomedical Engineering Major, Watson School of Engineering.

CAPSTONE: The Power of Music: A Look at Revivalism in Scotland

Samantha Perera, Math & Actuarial Sciences Major, Harpur College of Arts & Sciences.

CAPSTONE: La Vita e Bella?: Femicide in Italy

Victoria Wong, Accounting Major, School of Management.

CAPSTONE: Preservation and Conservation of Historical Buildings in Paris

Zhanchao Yang, International Student, Geography Major, Harpur College of Arts & Sciences.