May 24, 2024
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Meet Binghamton University’s TikTok team!

Get to know the new team of student content creators behind BingTok! Started in 2019, the @BinghamtonU TikTok has now grown to over 10,000 followers. The team is made up of students of various backgrounds, majors, and interests who work throughout the school year to show YOU what life is like at Bing!

To see the content creators in action, check out the “meet the team” TikTok.

Adam Assou, Graduate Student, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

Portrait of a young, African American, male student. Student is dressed in a blue button-up long-sleeved shirt with a white shirt underneath and is standing among many plants in a greenhouse.

Adam Assou (TikTok: @adamassou_) is a returning BingTok team member who creates content around ongoing trends and spontaneous skits. He is an active member of Wishmakers and works as an on-campus tour guide (check him out as a host in our new campus tour!) Adam enjoys trying new things, attending on-campus theatre productions and events like Battle of the Bands, and recommends goat yoga.

Sara Puskar, Senior, Political Science

Photo shows a young, caucasian, female student posing while holding sneakers in a green Binghamton University track and field jersey. She has brown hair and is holding running shoes.

Sara Puskar (TikTok: @sarajoypuskar) is a returning BingTok team member who likes to have fun with content creation, often posting random trends and silly videos with her friends. She is minoring in women, gender, and sexuality studies, and is a student athlete on Binghamton’s women’s track and field team. Outside of school, she loves skiing, and lives in Utah when not in Binghamton.

Michael Lulaj, Junior, Psychology

Photo shows a young, caucasian, male student sitting at a table at a restaurant, holding a drink with the straw in his mouth as he drinks. He is sitting next to a window and is wearing a white shirt.

Michael Lulaj (TikTok: @itsmichaelyuh) is another returning BingTok member! He likes to make “get ready with mes” (GRWMs), wellness, beauty, and random fun content. He is involved in the Student Association Programming Board as marketing director, promoting student-run campus events. Outside of school, Michael loves fitness, pilates, drinking coffee, thrifting and skincare.

Madeline Goldberg, Senior, Social Work

Photo shows a young, caucasian, female student standing at the beach with the sand and sky behind her. The sky is blue and purple. She is looking back over her left shoulder and is wearing a blue top and white shorts, has blonde hair, and has her hand raised in a waving position.

Madeline Goldberg (TikTok: @madeline.goldberg) likes to create a mix of everything on TikTok, including fashion, music, travel and trending content. She is the communications director for the Planned Parenthood Generation Binghamton club as well as a social work intern at the University’s Q-Center. In her free time, Madeline enjoys thrifting, going to concerts, meeting up with friends and reading.

Paula Andrade, First-Year, Business Administration

Photo shows a young, Hispanic, female student kneeling down next to a brown dog in a foyer or living room. The student is wearing a spaghetti-strap red dress and has long dark hair and brown eyes. The dog has its tongue sticking out.

Paula Andrade (TikTok: @pow.81) is a first-year student originally from Ecuador. She enjoys creating funny TikToks, as well as informative videos and vlogs. She is involved in the Transformational Leaders Program and hopes to join several clubs on campus. In her free time, Paula enjoys outdoor activities, dancing to Hispanic music and hanging out with her favorite animal – her dog!

Grace Ducroiset, Junior, Actuarial Science and Economic Analysis

Photo shows a young female student with dark hair and white tank top from the torso up, standing in front of a tree.

Grace Ducroiset (TikTok: @graceducroiset) likes to make compilation videos, photo dumps and lip-syncing videos. On campus, she manages marketing and PR for the Economics Club and works in the bowling alley! Grace adores anything related to music, and often travels to festivals.

Masud Stewart, Sophomore, Business

Photo shows a young, African American, male student standing outside in a black hoodie, black coat, and black hat.

Masud Stewart (TikTok: @Masudddd) loves making sports content and funny videos for TikTok, especially as a member of Binghamton’s men’s basketball team and the Student Athletes of Color program. When he’s not practicing basketball or in class, he enjoys playing video games, hanging out with friends and cooking.

Brian Petz, Sophomore, Accounting

Photo shows a young, caucasian, male student with dark hair standing on a balcony with the ocean or a large lake behind him, with an orange, yellow, and gold sunset on the horizon. He is wearing a white t-shirt, khaki pants, and a brown belt.

Brian Petz (TikTok: @briancpetz) enjoys making content that showcases nature or whatever is giving off a good vibe. On campus, he is a committee member of the Management Consulting Group, as well as a marketing and promotions assistant in the Theatre Department. In his free time, he loves hiking and is always down for a coffee run!

Natalie Destro, Junior, Integrative Neuroscience

Photo shows a young, caucasian, female student in a bright pink cropped shirt, jeans, and white sneakers. She is standing on a stone balcony in front of a pink cherry blossom tree.

Natalie Destro (TikTok: @Natkat644) likes to create laid-back, funny videos with friends. She is a campus tour guide and hopes to one day be a physician assistant, which she explores through her involvement in the Pre-Physician Assistant Society on campus. Natalie loves volunteering with the American Cancer Society and the Binghamton Humane Society. In her free time, Natalie can be found hiking, hanging out with friends or trying every restaurant during Restaurant Week.

Be sure to follow @BinghamtonU on TikTok to see what the BingTok team creates!

Bella Seastrand is the Digital Content Producer in Binghamton University’s Division of Communications and Marketing.

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