Transformational Leaders Program

About the program

The nationally-recognized Transformational Leaders Program is designed to promote successful professional trajectories for students who are facing academic and/or economic barriers by providing unique personal, academic, and career development opportunities tailored to individual needs.

With a focus on both short- and long-term goals, students are guided through several levels of leadership development, and are equipped with the skills to become impactful leaders on campus and within their communities.

The three-year program provides:

  • an environment for students to grow and thrive.
  • customized services and mentorship opportunities to enhance personal growth, decision-making skills, and awareness of civic responsibility.
  • experiential opportunities to develop leadership skills and abilities through instruction, workshops and training.
  • a rich undergraduate experience that allows students to explore different career paths and potential graduate school options.

Skills development program

Level I – Self-knowledge: Students develop skills such as oral communication, goal-setting strategy, and accountability.

Level II – Teams & Groups: Students develop skills in planning and coordination, formal presentation, and how to lead and thrive in diverse environments.

Level III – Coaching & Mentoring: Students learn how to develop others, effectively communicate within a team environment, and think both critically and creatively. Students also develop professional competencies while working with alumni mentors.

Program opportunities


The program allows students to build and enhance leadership skills by developing areas such as self-awareness, communication, ethics, influence and accountability.

Mentoring and networking

Students receive access to unique networking opportunities that are customized to their field of study. Students work alongside prominent alumni and career professionals, building a professional network that will last well beyond college.

Community service

Students give back to the community by organizing and participating in large-scale community service projects, while developing skills in project management, community outreach and teamwork.

Professional development

Students learn to adapt to new situations by working in professional settings both on- and off-campus. Students receive consultation from career advisors in the School of Management’s Career Services office to fine tune résumés, cover letters, interview skills and career goals.

Group projects

Group projects allow opportunities to challenge, engage and support each student’s learning and development.


To be considered for the Transformational Leaders Program, applicants must be:

  • a first-year, sophomore or transfer student who is underrepresented and/or facing economic barriers
  • currently accepted into or enrolled in the School of Management

Applications for fall admittance open in July.


TLP Program Coordinators

Inspiring Programs in Business Award winner

The Transformational Leaders Program has earned national recognition from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine!


INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine
INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine