Economics Club

Economics Club

The Economics Club will serve as a non-partisan space for anyone with a passion for learning more about economics, whether they are majoring in economics or not, novices or advanced students, political or apolitical. The club will pride itself in the open discourse of ideas, with spreading the zeal of economics kept at heart. We will be running a plethora of activities, ranging from essay contests and panel discussions, policy debates, general help with economics, attending local events related to economics, and networking events with related clubs both at Binghamton University, and external. Lastly, a variety of speaker events, and current events discussion.

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If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us through our email

Club Officers

President: Siddharth Gundapaneni
Vice President: Olivia Louie
Treasurer: Sasha Novikova
Secretary: Ryan LaMar
Event Planner: Daniel Quintman
Public Relations: Grace Ducroiset