What to expect on campus as Binghamton University transitions to online learning

Campus will undergo changes as Binghamton University reacts to coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus public health crisis, Binghamton University is transitioning courses to online learning by Thursday, March 19.

This change gives students the option to stay on campus or return home. For those who are deciding to stay on campus, things will understandably be different as the campus community adjusts to these changes.

While decisions are still being made, and information can change at any time, here are some things that students staying on campus can expect (as of March 17, 2020):

Regular updates

Because this situation continues to evolve at a rapid pace, check our coronavirus page regularly for updates. There, you will find the latest health and travel information, messaging from Binghamton University and answers to many of your questions.

Students will also receive a B-Line message each weekday that includes up-to-date information about COVID-19 and its impact on the campus community.

Students will have support

Whether a student is in a quarantine situation, feeling ill or simply needs somebody to talk to, our staff is available for support and guidance. Learn more about some of our resources here.

The transition to online learning may be difficult, but we have compiled advice for our students on how to succeed in this new environment. You can access this information here.

Residence halls will remain open

At this time, residence halls will remain open. We realize some international students may not have the possibility of getting home, and that some students may feel safer on campus if their home is located in an area with a high infection rate. At this point, we are also planning to keep residence halls open for spring break.

Dining halls will remain open

Dining halls will remain open, though there will be no seating. All food will be prepared as take-out.

The campus food pantry will remain open

We realize this is going to be a difficult time for many students. The campus food pantry will be remaining open during its regular hours for those experiencing challenging situations.

More information can be found here.

Library resources

While the library will not remain open, online resources and services will still be available. Learn more here.

Buildings are cleaned regularly

Binghamton University has been using enhanced disinfection and cleaning procedures for common areas well before this situation. Our standard cleaning procedures meet all CDC recommendations, and our staff pay particularly close attention to cleaning and disinfecting major touch points (door knobs, handles, elevator buttons, etc.) with hospital-grade disinfectant that is able to kill coronavirus.

Additionally, we’ve changed protocols for air exchanges in our buildings to maximize fresh-air intake, lessening the amount of air recirculation in buildings. This helps reduce the amount of indoor air pollutants and germs in the buildings.

Campus transportation will continue

All parking rules and regulations will remain in effect, and OCCT will continue to operate, but at a reduced service schedule starting on Monday, March 23 (check their website for updates). BC Transit is also continuing to provide services (check their website for updates). Zipcars will still be available for use. Safe Ride has halted service. Individuals who feel in need of a walking escort should contact University Police at 607-777-2393.

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