OCC Legal Clinic

How can the Legal Clinic help?

The legal clinic provides free legal advice for any Binghamton University student. The legal clinic is on first come-first served basis. For more information contact the OCC office at 607-777-2768.

Academic school year schedule

Wednesdays: 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.
Nelson Rockefeller Center (Hinman Commons, 162)

August 29 Rusty Grace
September 5 Michael Fauci
  12 Rusty Grace
  19 Nicholas Scarantino
  26 Michael Fauci
October 3 Norbert Higgins
  10 Michael Fauci
  17 Rusty Grace
  24 Nicholas Scarantino
  31 Michael Fauci
November 7 Norbert Higgins
  14 Nicholas Scarantino
  28 Norbert Higgins
December 5 Norbert Higgins

1st & 3rd Tuesday of the Month: 5–6 p.m.
Nelson Rockefeller Center (Hinman Commons, 162)

August 28 Paul Pool
September 4 Paul Pool
  18 Paul Pool 
October 2 Paul Pool
  16 Paul Pool 
 November 6 Paul Pool
  27 Paul Pool 
 December 4 Paul Pool