Accounts Payable

The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) has policies regarding a proper invoice.  A proper invoice must contain a purchase order (PO) number, if applicable, as provided by the ordering agency. When an invoice does not contain the required information outlined in Guide to Financial Operations (GFO) Chapter XII, Section 4,F – Proper Invoice, agencies must reject the invoice and notify the vendor within one business day to resubmit a proper invoice with the necessary information.

The Accounts Payable Department at Binghamton University processes invoices for payment in accordance with Prompt Payment legislation and has the fiduciary responsibility to ensure that payments are proper state expenditures. It is within this department's purview to request information, documentation or justification necessary to support state-funded expenditures.


2024 Moving Mileage Rate Change

Effective January 1, 2024, the 2024 mileage rate for moving purposes, as set by the IRS, is 21 cents per mile, down 1 cent from the rate of January 2023.

Moving Expenses Reimbursement is considered Taxable Income

All Moving expense reimbursements paid to employees are considered taxable income to the employee. It is important to understand and communicate this impact during negotiations of employment and planning. Please send your Moving Expenses reimbursement packet to the Business Office for audit purposes.  Once audited and correct, the moving expenses will be reimbursed via the employee's payroll check/direct deposit (whichever the employee has optioned) as the correct taxes need to be withheld.

Expenditure Guidelines

Wish you knew what is and isn't covered with your New York State Funds? View the expenditure guidelines.

Here’s some guidance to help you with AP!

Accounts payable 101 (for those of you who have yet to attend the best class on Campus or want to relive it)

AP Cheat Sheet

Independent Contractor form

Business System Available

The BU Business System (BUBS) and Business Intelligence (BI) are active and operational. For additional information, system sign-on links, etc., please access the Business System "Portal". If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office or Human Resources.

Receiving Requirements

Please remember that no invoices can be processed for payment without an accompanying short form receipt created in the Binghamton University Business System. Please create your receipt only when you have received your goods/service in working order.

Personal Reimbursement/Fellowship Payment Changes

A purchase order is not needed in order to reimburse an employee/non-employee. If there are any questions on this procedure, please contact the Business Office or email  or for help.