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Memo from CFO, John Cordi - Fiscal Restrictions Lifted (Fiscal Restrictions Lifted)

Beginning Aug. 1, any document that requires a University signatory must be uploaded with the appropriate information completed via the link provided below. This includes documents that were sent directly to the University Counsel’s Office for review. This new, electronic workflow process allows for proper routing and approval. Depending on the nature of the agreement, there may be various areas of the University that may need to review and approve the agreement, in addition to the University Counsel’s Office. The submitter of the agreement will receive automatic email notifications as it passes through the process and is finally complete.

Be sure to plan accordingly ahead of time. The approval parties involved ask that all pertaining documents related to the contract be submitted several weeks before the start date in order to ensure ample time for review and approval.

Find the document submittal link below.

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The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) has updated the policies and procedures regarding a proper invoice.  A proper invoice must contain a purchase order (PO) number, if applicable, as provided by the ordering agency. When an invoice does not contain the required information outlined in Guide to Financial Operations (GFO) Chapter XII, Section 4,F – Proper Invoice, agencies must reject the invoice and notify the vendor within one business day to resubmit a proper invoice with the necessary information.

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