Human Resources: Employee Benefits: Retirement Programs

Primary Retirement Plans (with Employer Contributions)

Eligibility for New York State and SUNY retirement plans with employer contributions depend upon your employee affiliation.  You may elect to become a member of one primary retirement plan at a time. 

New York State Employees' Retirement System (ERS) - website

Any employee who receives a W-2 form from SUNY is eligible to join ERS.

New York State Teachers' Retirement System (TRS) - website

TRS membership is open to employees in a select group of titles, including:  all faculty titles, librarian or coach titles, or in the titles of chancellor, president, vice-president, provost, dean, associate dean or assistant dean.

New York State Police & Fire Retirement System (PFRS) - website

All employees in University Police titles (e.g., PBANYS, MC-13 police titles) are eligible to join PFRS.

Financial & Retirement Planning Resources

This takes you to a page containing a list of links to external websites monitored by SUNY that offer retirement planning resources.

SUNY ORP Vendor Performance

This is an external link that contains current quarterly performance data on the investment fund options available to SUNY faculty and staff who participate in the SUNY Optional Retirement

Voluntary Retirement Savings Programs (Employee Contribution Only)

In addition to your primary employer-contribution retirement plan, you may contribute to a supplemental plan.  Click this heading for information on setting up an SRA, TDA or NYS Deferred Compensation.