10 Month Faculty Instructions

Like other state employees, faculty members are required to "certify their presence" and record their attendance and sick leave usage. For faculty, "attendance" is defined in terms of activities, which may take place in the classroom, the office, the library, a research site or other appropriate locations. Because retirement benefits are connected with the accrual of sick leave, it is particularly important that a record of sick leave usage be maintained.

Per the UUP Agreement §23.9 Attendance Records, faculty shall be required to certify their presence and record any absences on forms to be provided by the State. Employees shall also be required to record on such forms any charges to or accruals of vacation or sick leave credits. Such forms shall be submitted to the College President, or designee, for review on a monthly basis.

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All employees currently using online time and attendance will be able to access their time records through the new SUNY employee portal page at https://www.suny.edu/time .

The Self Service section will contain the online Time and Attendance System, View Paycheck feature and the option to self-report legal address changes online.

The notification section will enable us to provide more detailed information regarding Time and Attendance, SUNY and Campus wide messages.

Current employees using the Time & Attendance System through the https://www.suny.edu/time link will need to redirect to:


Any questions regarding the functionality may be directed to Holly Seidel at hseidel@binghamton.edu, 777-5344.

Any questions regarding your Binghamton University Computer Account username or password may be directed to the ITS Help Desk at 777-6420.

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Online Time and Attendance

Accessing the System

Access to the SUNY Time and Attendance system is accomplished via a secure sign-on.  

To sign in you need your Binghamton University Computer Account user ID and Password.


  1. Select "Binghamton" as your campus
  2. Enter your Binghamton University Computer Account User ID in the BU User ID field
  3. Enter your Binghamton University Computer Account in the BU Password field
  4. Click Log in
  5. You will need your unique SUNY ID number provided by Human Resources for a one-time security screen entry.
  6. Follow the instructions in the PowerPoint presentation in the "Training Materials" below.

Can't remember your Binghamton University Computer Account password?

Go to:  Binghamton University Account Access Page or contact the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420.

Please note the following Browser requirements:

    • For PC's on the Windows operating system:
      • Internet Explorer (IE), use version 7.0+ (or higher)
      • Mozilla Firefox, use version 3.5+ (or higher)
    • Macintosh OS
    • Java script needs to be installed (common issue)
    • Popup Blocker should be turned off
    • Active X should be installed and enabled

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Training Materials


  • Guide to submit your monthly record     (.pdf, 185kb)  
  • Supervisor and Department Chair one page guide to monthly approvals     (.pdf, 121kb)   

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Faculty Sick Leave Accrual Rates

Full-time academic year sick leave Accrual rates
Years of Service
Accrual Rate
Fall Semester
Spring Semester Total
0, 1 1.25 days per month 5.0 6.25 days
2 1.33 days per month 5.3 6.7 days
3, 4, 5 1.50 days per month 6.0 7.5 days
6 1.66 days per month 6.7 8.3 days
7 1.75 days per month 7.0 8.75 days

Part-Time Faculty Sick Leave Accrual Rates

Part-time academic year sick leave accrual rates:
Courses Taught
Accrual Rate
1 course .25 days per month
2 courses .5 days per month
3 courses 1.0 days per month

The maximum allowable sick leave accrual is 200 days for full or part-time employees.

NOTE: In the above chart, Years of Service 0, 1 apply to the first 12 months of service. At the beginning of the second year of service (Years of Service 2, 13 through 24 months of service) the accrual rate increases to 1.33 days per month.

Eligible employees accrue sick leave for each month of their professional obligation, provided that they are in full-pay status for the month or major portion thereof. Under the current academic year calendar, sick leave is not earned during the months of June, July or August.

Part-time academic year employees should refer to the supplemental instructions for information on accrual rates. The maximum allowable sick leave accrual is 200 days.

Sick leave accruals may be used only during the periods of professional obligation. That is, any day during the period of professional obligation on which you are not available (able) to perform any or all aspects of your full professional obligation (teaching, research, service, etc.) due to illness or injury must be charged to sick leave. During periods of leave (sabbatical, Title F, leave without pay), employees do not accrue or use sick leave.

Academic year employees are not eligible to accrue vacation leave or to observe designated legal holidays.

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Family Illness or Bereavement

The Policies of the Board of Trustees and the UUP Agreement allow employees to use up to thirty (30) days of sick leave per agreement year for absences necessitated by a death or illness in the employee's immediate family; such days are recorded as "family sick leave" (FS).

Further information regarding leaves may be found in the UUP Agreement, Article 23; the Policies of the Board of Trustees, Article XIII; and the Handbook for Faculty and Professional Staff. Questions about sick leave procedures may be directed to the Office of Human Resources.

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Parent Leave General Guidelines (Faculty)

Binghamton University's goal is to recruit the best faculty, help them flourish, and retain them as part of our academic community. To help achieve that goal, we strive to create a family-friendly environment consistent with the recent changes to Appendix 42 of the UUP agreement below regarding family leave.

Faculty in titles eligible for continuing appointment, also known as tenure track faculty, face special challenges in pursuing their teaching and intellectual work. To assure that they are able to balance their professional responsibilities with the demands placed on them by changes in their family life, we have created the following general guidelines.

1. Faculty members may use sick leave and FMLA, per state policy, for pregnancy and after childbirth (https://binghamton.edu/human-resources/leaves/leaves-childcare-general-parameters.html).

2. To assure that students receive uninterrupted instruction, departments' curricula are delivered effectively, and faculty are able to pursue their academic work and maximize their contributions to the University, deans may, with the approval of the provost, adjust faculty members' contributions to mission following childbirth or adoption. Faculty may request that their work responsibilities be adjusted during the semester of a birth or adoption or during the semester following birth or adoption. A decision regarding the semester in which the adjustment will take place will be made in discussion between the faculty member and the dean, in consultation with the department chair in departmentalized units, and will take into account the needs of the faculty member, the department, and the college or school. During this period, the faculty member may have their professional obligation allocated exclusively to
research and service. During this period, faculty members will continue to advise students.

3. Upon the faculty member's request, the continuing appointment clock will be stopped for up to one year for continuing appointment track faculty members following the birth or adoption of a child with the following stipulations:

•In order to allow sufficient time for administration consideration, it is recommended that at least three months prior to the birth or adoption of a child faculty members should request that the continuing appointment clock be stopped.

• Faculty whose continuing appointment clocks are stopped will have their appointment changed to qualified rank, for example from assistant professor to research assistant professor for the duration of the stoppage.

• Deans must receive the endorsement of the Provost and communicate the change of status to the Office of Human Resources with a copy to the Provost's Office so that the faculty member's continuing appointment eligibility date will be properly computed.

• Requests to stop the continuing appointment clock during the year in which the faculty member's continuing appointment process begins require exceptional justification.

• These are general guidelines and final approval of all requests will be at the discretion of management.

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Leave Information

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