Time and Attendance

All employees are required to certify their presence and record absences and accruals as a condition of employment.

Please select your employment category below for information and instructions.

Calendars of Legal Holidays

Holidays 2022

Holidays 2023

Time and Attendance (Online)

Employees in these categories will sign in to the new SUNY online time and attendance system using the instructions provided in the links below. Employees in these categories must certify and submit leave information on a monthly basis.

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance (Paper records)

Employment categories below are currently required to submit paper time records but will be transitioning to the online system in the future. Click below for links to the paper records.

Faculty records:

Vicki Metritikas
Assistant Director of Human Resources, Systems and Operations
(607) 777-6613

Holly Seidel
Program Aide
(607) 777-5344

Classified records:

Tom Petersen
Payroll Examiner 2
(607) 777-2122

Professional records:

Kathy Gallagher
Manager of Professional Employment
(607) 777-4885

Chelsey Fletcher
Administrative Assistant I
(607) 777-6933

Management Confidential records:
Kathy Gallagher
Manager of Professional Employment
(607) 777-4885

Student timesheets:

Tyler Namyak
Personnel Assistant
(607) 777-3624