Dual Career Program

Binghamton University recognizes the importance of recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty and staff. To assist those who are considering a full-time position or who have recently accepted a full-time position at Binghamton, the University offers job-search information to spouses/ partners also seeking employment.

Through our Dual Career Program, we can assist your spouse/partner with the job search in a number of ways, including career coaching, résumé development and networking. We also can help obtain non-employment-related information about our community and the area.


Your spouse/partner is eligible for services through our Dual Career Program if:

you have recently received a full-time offer of employment at Binghamton University and you are considering relocating to the Binghamton area,


you have been employed full-time by the University within the past two years and you have relocated to the Binghamton area


  • Job-search assistance
  • Information about job openings at Binghamton University
  • Identification as a dual-career candidate for Binghamton University positions
  • Coaching about résumés, cover letters, and interviewing techniques
  • Networking assistance
  • Access to higher-education job information through the Upstate New York Higher Education Recruitment Consortium website

To get started, your spouse/partner should schedule a meeting with our Dual Career Program staff to discuss employment goals, needs and interests. Upon request, they will review your spouses'/partner's résumé or curriculum vitae and other job-search documents and provide appropriate feedback. 

The Dual Career Program is happy to help your spouse/partner navigate the process, as they play an active, ongoing role in their own job search.

Enrollment Form

Please complete the enrollment form using the link above to participate in our Dual Career Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I guaranteed a job?
A: There is no guarantee of job placement. We cannot create jobs and we cannot intervene in an employer's hiring process. We will, however, do our best to assist you in your job search.
Q: Will I be given preferential treatment for a Binghamton University position?
A: Binghamton University is committed to assisting couples facing the challenge of dual careers. You will be able to identify yourself as a dual-career candidate when you apply for Binghamton University positions. 
Q: Can you help me find employment outside Binghamton University?
A: If you're interested in employment elsewhere in the area, we can meet with you to discuss your employment goals and interests and review your application materials.
Q: Can you help me find a position at a nearby college or university?
A: Binghamton University is a member of the Upstate New York Higher Education Recruitment Consortium. The UNY HERC website (www.unyherc.org) can help you identify jobs available at nearby colleges and universities. The site provides additional information about relocating to the area.
Q: How long will you assist me in my job search?
A: Program services can continue up to one year.

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