First-Gen Forward Since 2021, Binghamton University has been designated as a First-Gen Forward Institution, joining hundreds of other educational institutions across the nation in committing to first-gen success.

Are you FIRST?

20-30%  of students who attend our University are first-generation.

What does first-generation mean?

  • Neither of your parents or guardians with whom you live earned a baccalaureate degree or higher.
  • Your parents or guardians may have attempted to go to college, but dropped out.
  • Your parents or guardians did not go to college at all, or may not have graduated from high school or grade school.
  • You are the first in your family to attend and graduate college, but could also mean you have an older sibling who may have already attended or graduated college.
  • Your parents or guardians may have earned a degree in another country, and are either:
    • unable to help their student navigate the American educational system.
    • unable to obtain a career in their educational field in this country.
  • You self-identify as first-generation college student, as you lack support and guidance from your parents or guardians (even though one or both may have degrees).

Mission Statement

The BFirst Network creates programming to (1) connect first-generation (FG) college students with FG faculty, staff, alumni, and graduate student mentors; (2) educate and empower those who share the FG identity; (3) educate and provide resources to inform faculty, staff and administrators on how best to support FG students; and (4) foster an inclusive campus community by spreading awareness about the FG identity.

Vision Statement

BFirst seeks to provide all first-generation college students of Binghamton University a true sense of belonging, by connecting them to first-generation faculty, staff, alumni, and other first-generation college students, and by providing spaces of inclusivity, understanding, and community.

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