Glossary of Common Binghamton University Terms

B-Alert: the University's emergency notification system (text and email options are available; this was formerly called Rave)

B-line: a daily, electronic distribution of University news and events

Baxter the bearcat: school mascot

Blackboard: web-based software to build and manage virtual classrooms

Blue buses/OCCT: Off Campus College Transport

Blue light phones: emergency outdoor phones connected to University Police for immediate assistance

BTV: student-run campus television station

BU Brain: online tool that provides access to campus resources and services

BUC$: Binghamton University Card System

Bulletin: an electronic catalog detailing a student's academic requirements

BUSI: Binghamton University Student Information system

C4: Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center

CCPA: College of Community and Public Affairs

CDC: Career Development Center

DA: Discovery assistant

DARS: Degree Audit Reporting System

DCONHS: Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Discovery: an academic support program for students

DSON: Decker School of Nursing, part of Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences

EOP: Educational Opportunity Program

Escape: student bus charters

Fitspace: a fee-based fitness center in the East Gym

GPA: grade-point average

Greenride: free, Internet-based rideshare matching

Harpur: Harpur College of Arts and Sciences

Harpur's Ferry: student-run volunteer ambulance

ITC: Innovative Technologies Complex

Late Nite: student social program on Friday and Saturday nights

MRC: Multicultural Resource Center

Nite Owl: snack areas/caf├ęs located in some residential dining halls

OCC: Off Campus College

OCCT: Off Campus College Transport (see "blue buses")

Pegasus: University yearbook

Pipe Dream: bi-weekly student newspaper

POD: a public computing area

RA: resident assistant

RD: resident director

ResCon: residential computing consultants who provide assistance to students in residential communities

SA: Student Association (student government)

SOM: School of Managemen (7233).

TA: Teaching assistant

Take one video: a DVD rental store in University Union

UCC: University Counseling Center

UDC: University Downtown Center

WHRW: student-run campus radio station