Experiential Education

Learning through hands-on experiences

The Office of Experiential Education is responsible for the development, implementation and assessment of the pharmacy practice experiences. Consisting of more than 30 percent of the PharmD curriculum, experiential education provides opportunities for student exposure and active participation in a multitude of innovative and interprofessional settings to apply and integrate the knowledge obtained during the didactic portion of the curriculum.

Together with our adjunct faculty preceptors, it is our goal that students develop and refine their critical-thinking skills to solve complex patient-care and medication-related problems during their practice experiences. The early integration of simulated and live-patient interactions, with particular emphasis on diverse populations and rural settings, will ensure that our graduates are practice-ready and team-ready.

We are excited about our prestigious group of experiential practice sites and are continuously expanding our practitioner network. Below is a list of our current affiliates.

Core practice sites

Elective Practice Sites

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