COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to respond to common questions posed by students, the following have been developed. 


Are students required to watch lectures during the scheduled class time or may they watch at their own pace via a Panopto recording?

The expectation for class attendance does not change due to an online learning environment. Students must log in to Zoom to listen/engage with the lecture in a synchronous manner, at the same time as the in-person class would take place. Students should do this from their home residence, not the Pharmacy Building. Lectures will still be recorded and posted to Panopto. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions during class time through a chat option. Students who are not in attendance via Zoom may lose participation points as if they missed an in-person course.

How will exams or other assessments (exams, group projects, presentations, etc.) be conducted?

All assessments (content and dates) will remain as stated in course syllabi and will be moved online using ExamID. Assessments will remain the same but may have minor modifications including additional fill-in-the-blank, short answer and essay questions. Please read the syllabus addendum provided by each course coordinator, which will be rolled out in two-week periods. There are four levels of monitoring within ExamMoniter and details will be provided for each assessment. Students must have a quiet, secluded space to complete exams. 

  • Each co-coordinator will decide how to handle the ability to have scrap paper and will communicate this to you in advance. 
  • Bathroom breaks during exams will not be allowed. 
  • Students with documented accommodations will be provided instructions on a case-by-case basis. 

How will group projects/presentations be handled?

Group projects will be maintained, with minor modifications. Students should utilize Zoom to communicate with group members. 

What will happen to IPE activities?

We have canceled the poverty simulation and will replace it with an online activity with a written reflection. Details will be forthcoming for this and other IPE activities. Continue to check your PHRM 509 website. 

Will the transition to online learning affect rotations?

As our site partners begin suspending student rotations, the Office of Experiential Education (OEE) will work to reassign students to alternate sites. Contact OEE if you do not feel comfortable entering your currently-assigned site. If a rotation site is canceled, contact OEE as soon as possible. 

What is the plan for the Skills Lab for the rest of the semester?

  • P1 students were informed about their Skills Lab requirements on March 16.
  • P2 students will be sent an email from Skills Lab instructors. 
  • P3 students should contact Dr. Eggelston or Dr. Wilsey with questions.

Will students still have access to TAs and faculty members for questions and exam review?

Students may set up appointments with faculty and staff anytime. You should email your faculty to set up appointments. They will be available through Zoom or phone call.

How are the weighting of assessments and assignments on the syllabi changing?

The weighting of assessments and assignments will not be changed. 


Will graduation be delayed?

No. The School of Pharmacy is committed to delivering the curriculum as planned in an online format for the remainder of the semester. The Office of Experiential Education will work with students to complete rotation requirements as well. 

Will students be allowed to remain on the research track?

Yes. Students may remain on the research track. Students should be in touch with their corresponding faculty member to arrange a plan of action moving forward. 

Location requirements

Are there any dates (including the summer) that students will need to return to school for lab activities?

No. Aside from IPPE and APPEs, no other part of the curriculum will be delivered outside of the dates for fall and spring semesters.

What are the options for students who have limited access to the internet from home? (i.e. downloads and reuploads for exams from Exemplify will be delayed for some) 

  • Spectrum is offering free internet to students for 60 days who do not currently have a Spectrum subscription. To enroll, call 1-844-488-8395 or for more information, visit the Spectrum website.
  • AT&T has announced that it will waive data overage fees for those with a capped data plan as well.
  • Students may also use their phone as a hotspot and are encouraged to seek out these free options. 

Do students need to return for finals?

No. All assessments will be conducted online, including final examinations. 

What Pharmacy Building spaces will be open to students?

Effective at 6 a.m. Thursday, March 19, the pharmacy building is closed to all students for the remainder of the semester.

Will students be able to continue their research work in the labs?

In order to reduce the density of individuals in the labs, all volunteers (both student and non-student, and paid and unpaid) will be suspended from working in the labs starting Thursday, March 19, and until further notice. Information about summer research positions will be relayed to students as it becomes available. 


How will co-curriculars be handled for students who have not yet completed all five requirements?

Co-curriculars must be complete by Oct. 1, 2020. Three out of five co-curriculars must be completed or students will have a hold placed on their account to prevent course registration. Some co-curriculars will be available remotely. Reach out to Dr. Leppien with specific questions. 

P1-specific questions

Will students be Immunization-certified?

Students will now complete the APhA Immunization Certification during the fall semester of the PHRM 525 Skills Lab. The “I’ will be added to the Intern License in the late-September timeframe. 

Will student intern licenses be impacted?

All student intern license paperwork has been received and will be submitted to the NYS Board of Pharmacy by the Office for Student Affairs and Admissions (OSAA), so this will not be impacted. OSAA will be in touch with you when your pharmacy intern name badges are available and we will mail these as necessary. 

What will happen with the poverty simulation?

The poverty simulation has been postponed and a different online activity will be assigned. Additional information will be provided on the PHRM 509 myCourses site. 

Student Services

Can students still access tutoring?

Yes. All of our tutoring services will take place virtually. Our group tutoring sessions will be conducted synchronously and our group tutors will facilitate these sessions via Zoom. Click on the following Zoom link at the scheduled group tutoring time, and the tutors will be present and ready to assist you. Each tutor has been provided with a dry erase board as well. Join a group session at

Individual tutoring will also remain in effect. All tutors will be trained in Zoom functionality, but we expect that students and their individual tutors will determine the mode of communication that works best for them. Other options include Facetime, Skype, text, phone call, etc., based upon each person’s comfort level and preference. Sign up for an individual tutor anytime at

How will SSD accommodations be handled?

Student accommodations will be granted in an online format (i.e. extended time will be conducted through myCourses). Other accommodations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Can I still meet with staff from the Office for Student Affairs and Admissions?

Yes. We are all available to assist you and will be working full time. Reach out to us anytime and we will arrange a time to meet over the phone or via Zoom.

Are counseling services still available?

Yes. Telecounseling will be delivered through the Zoom platform whenever possible, but may also include some telephone calls depending on technology available to students and/or staff. For assistance during regular hours and after hours, call the University Counseling Center main number at 607-777-2772. 

Will the Food Pantry remain open?

Yes. This service remains open and available to all Binghamton University students. For additional details, including hours, visit the website.

Are there tips for how to succeed in an online learning environment?

Yes. The University has developed various tutorials and resources to help students succeed in an online learning environement. Devon Lash has also provided all pharmacy students with step-by-step online learning instructions titled “Student Online Remote Instruction Information (COVID-19)” in a Google Shared Drive as well. 

Other advice

  • Continue to check the University’s coronavirus page regularly for updates, where you will find the latest health and travel information, messaging from Binghamton University and answers to many of your questions. Students will also receive a B-Line message each weekday that includes up-to-date information about COVID-19 and its impact on the campus community.
  • For details regarding what to expect as Binghamton University transitions to online learning, read this article in BingUNews.
  • Remember to check your email at least twice a day! 
  • Reach out to Kim, Rachael, co-coordinators or your faculty advisor if you need anything!