Appointments & Pre-Health Listserv

Pre-Health Appointments for Freshmen and Sophomores:

Freshman and Sophomores can schedule an appointment with an advisor on the Pre-Health Advising Team through B-Successful. Follow the step-by-step instructions to make an appointment with a specific advisor (If you choose "first available appointment", you are not guaranteed to meet with an advisor on the Pre-Health Advising Team). 

Appointments with Dr. Langhorne for Juniors & Seniors:

1. Online scheduling is only available to those students who have declared a pre-professional area of interest of pre-health (see below).

2. You must have Junior two (J2) standing (72 or more credits) or higher to make an appointment with Dr. Langhorne through B-Successful. To access B-Successful, go to and click the B-Successful link on the left. Once in B-Successful, go to "My Success Network" to schedule a Pre-Health advising appointment.

3. If you are a Junior, defined as someone in their third year at BU who plans to apply to professional school the summer immediately following their third year, and are classified as a Junior 1 (J1), please contact the Pre-Health Secretary at 7-2117. (Item 1 above, still applies however.)

4. It is the practice of the Pre-Health Office to only make appointments during a three week window from any given date. Prior to B-Successful, this was handled by the Pre- Health Secretary. When all appointments were filled within that 3 week window, she would state this fact to students who called and suggest that they wait and call back 2- 3 days later. So, in the context of B-Successful, if the 3 week window is filled, B-Successful will, unfortunately, inform you that there are no appointments for the rest of the semester. This is because times outside of the 3 week window have been blocked. If you wait 2-3 days, we will have unblocked more dates (the 3 week window slides forward as time passes) and you should be able to make an appointment.

If you have difficulty with the system, you can still contact the Pre-Health Office (7-2117) and Ms. Igo will make an appointment for you in the traditional manner.

Appointments with Dr. Langhorne for Alumni:

Alumni will not be able to schedule an appointment online because the B-Successful system will not work for them. Alumni must contact the Pre-Health Secretary (607-777-2117) to make an appointment. 

To Submit a Pre-Professional Area of Interest:

Submit the brief form online. Once submitted, it will take 3-5 business days for you to be added to B-Successful for online scheduling access. Anyone who declares their Pre-Professional Area of Interest should automatically be subscribed to the Pre-Health listserv within 3-5 business days. If you are not subscribed automatically, or are unable to declare your area of interest, please follow the directions below to subscribe to the listserv: 

To Subscribe to the Pre-Health List Serv: "PREHLTH-L"

To subscribe to PREHLTH-L, send an e-mail to from the address you want added to the mailing list. The body of the e-mail contains the command you are issuing to the server. The command to join a list is "subscribe". To join PREHLTH-L list, the body of the e-mail is:

Subscribe PREHLTH-L yourfirstname yourlastname
(e.g. Subscribe PREHLTH-L John Smith)

Be sure not to include any other text and to turn off adding a signature block.