Important Applicant Information

The application process to health professions schools is complex and lengthy. If you are a junior, senior or alumnus applying to professional school or if you are applying to an Early Assurance Program you will need to obtain certain forms and related materials from the Pre-Health Office. All categories of applicant mentioned above must obtain a copy of the Junior-Senior Handbook. To do so you should contact the Pre-Health Office and ask to be added to the 'Pre-Health Applicant Information' organization on Blackboard. If you are a re-applicant or an Early Assurance applicant, please consult the appropriate section below.

It is important for all applicants to subscribe to the Pre-Health List Serv because the Pre-Health Professions Office relies entirely on the Pre-Health List Serv for posting information. For instructions on how to subscribe to the Pre-Health List Serv, click here.


Credentialing is the process by which you assemble materials and have them submitted in support of your application to a health professions program. At Binghamton, credentialing is carried out through what is known as a composite evaluation system. Under this arrangement you submit, and have submitted, a variety of materials which are placed in a credentials file. When this file is complete, the Director of Pre-Health Services edits this material, adds his own comments, and writes an evaluation. It is this evaluation, along with some attached letters chosen by the Director of Pre-Health Services, which is sent to the health professions schools to which you have applied. The steps you must follow to accomplish this are described in detail in the Junior-Senior Handbook.

Early Assurance Program Applicants

If you are applying to an Early Assurance Program you will need to obtain a copy of Credentialing Instructions for Early Assurance Program Applicants by clicking this link.

The Pre-Health Packet referred to in the instructions can be obtained by following these links: Blanket FERPA Waiver form , Personal Info Record Release, Student Info Form. Also, you will need to follow the procedures for Student Conduct screening described here: Student Conduct Screening. If you have questions please contact Linda Igo, Pre-Health Secretary ( ) or Dr. Langhorne ( ). Please note that this information is exclusive to Early Assurance Applicants. Other applicants should consult the appropriate set of instructions for their situations.

Information for Re-Applicants

If you are re-applying to professional school, you may obtain credentialing information by clicking on the link below. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to speak with the Director of Pre-Health Services since the re-application process can be less clear and more involved that your original application. Re-applicant credentialing instructions can be found here. The Records Release form can be found here.The FERPA release form can be found here.  The Student Conduct Screening Form can be found here.

Pre-Health Credentialing Fee

Please follow the link to access the payment system and submit your payment.

Credentialing Fee Payment Link

If you receive a significant amount of financial aid you may qualify for a fee waiver.  If you believe this applies to you, please complete the Fee Waiver Request Form below, attach it to an email, and send it to Linda Igo, Pre-Health Secretary, at  . (Do not alter the form. The blue boxes must remain so that additional information can be added during the review process).  You will be notified by email as to whether or not your request has been approved.

Fee Waiver Request Form

Pre-Health Advising Applicant Checklist: