Preparing for Law School

The best preparation for law school is a challenging undergraduate program. Law schools are looking for students with diverse academic backgrounds who can demonstrate analytical thinking, reasoning skills, and writing ability. For information from the ABA on preparing for law school.

There are many ways beyond your undergraduate coursework that can prepare you for law school. Talk with lawyers practicing in a field of interest and ask them what background is helpful. You can gain knowledge and experience before you enter law school by shadowing or seeking internships. Work experience is also a good way of finding out if legal work will suit your personality and interests. Participating in campus or community activities that are meaningful to you may allow an opportunity to examine or try out roles that interest you. Such experience can boost skills (organization, research, public speaking, or working with the public) and build confidence in your decision of whether or not to pursue a legal career. However, it is important to keep your focus on academic coursework and test preparation, as these continue to be the determining factors in law school admission.

Read through the Pre-Law Guide for more information on preparing for law school!