Family Events

A very important part of our mission is to reduce social isolation and increase social support for LGBTQ+ families and individuals. We do this by hosting several community building events throughout the year. We host events ranging from simple meet-ups and picnics (our Jamesville Beach Picnic in Syracuse is a classic) to two day conferences where speakers and professionals from a variety of careers come to teach us proven ways to flourish. We will also help you start your own family. Please contact us for more information on family building options, including foster care/adoption.

Below is a list of events we have planned fro 2024. Check back periodically to stay up to date, or email to join out mailing list and get updates sent straight to your inbox!

2024 Community Events:

March 2024

Pride and Joy Families Relaunching Party (location and exact date TBD)

More events to follow!