Family Events

A very important part of our mission is to reduce social isolation and increase social support for LGBTQ families and individuals. We may be less isolated now thanks to new social technologies but to be physically close to people like us to share our stories, joys and burden is irreplaceable. Hence we do a lot of family programming all over New York State.

We work with Camp Highlight or other great caregivers to make sure that your children are not only being taken care of but having fun. We do events ranging from simple meet-ups and picnics (our Jamesville Beach  Picnic in Syracuse is a classic ) to two day conferences where speakers, professionals from a variety of careers come to teach us proven ways to flourish.

We will also help you start your own family . Please contact us for more information on family building options, including foster care/adoption.

Upcoming Event: 

Binghamton Rainbow Kids Support Group

Saturday afternoons. Dates TBA

Support group for families with LGBTQ+ children ages 12 and younger. The group will offer kids the chance to socialize with one another in the care of youth facilitators while their parents/caregivers meet and engage in their own supportive conversation. Karen Fuller, NYS Certified Family Peer Advocate and a gender specialist, will facilitate the parents' discussion. Binghamton Rainbow Kids is offered free of charge and is open to all families with a young LGBTQ child. Sponsors of the new group are Identity Youth Center (Binghamton), Pride and Joy Families (Binghamton), and the Q Center (Syracuse). The group launched on Saturday, January 12, 2019, 1-3 pm at Identity Youth Center, 206 State Street, Binghamton. Advance registration is required. For further information and to register your family, please contact Karen Fuller at (800) 475-2430 or