While the staff of Pride and Joy Families are not trained counselors, we are trained in finding ways to connect the LGBTQ inidividuals, parents, prospective parents, youth, and families we serve with the resources they need. Whether you are in need of lawyers, doctors, counselors, or referrals to community resources, we are more than happy to help. Through the Directory of LGBTQ Services and our own knowledge of providers and professionals in upstate New York, we are confident we can help you find whatever resources you're looking for. And anything we don't already know, we'll find out for you!

Each of us at Pride and Joy Families specializes in a different part of the referral process. We 'd like to help you solve your problems, ease your life and navigate you in your times of turmoil. Please e-mail us or fill in the form below for us to reach out to you for your specific needs.

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