What we do

We are a small NGO with big goals. We strive for equity, liberation,and happiness for all. To achieve this, we are working for LGBTQIAP+ adults and families. Our services are multiple and varied:

We do TRAININGS: These are big and small: tailored to health and human services providers, social workers, nurses, doctors, administrations, students, anyone who wants to be part of the change in affirming LGBTQIAP lives.We usually organize two large scale trainings per year specifically for health and human services providers. As we are a OASAS certified provider, we often offer CASAC, CPP and CPS contact hours as well as Social Work and Nursing CEUs for these large scale trainings. To check out our past trainings, please click here.

We also offer trainings for your office,staff, and/or clients: Would you like to learn more about LGBTQIAP populations? Would you like to be more affirming towards LGBTQIAP people but are unsure how? We can help you with that. We offer LGBTQ 101, Introduction to Sexual and Gender Diversity, Privilege and its effects, Changing forms and making your work more LGBTQIAP friendly and affirming.  These are free of charge and our staff would be more than happy to tailor these trainings to your needs. Want to learn more? Contact us. Do you need a training? Fill out our training form and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Family Events/ Pride and Joy Families: We are a network of hundreds of LGBTQ-led families that offers social support, education, and a sense of community to adults and children.We organize family events and activities for LGBTQ led families and their children. We have a yearly Family Fun Day where we offer workshops for adults and lots of activities for children. This year, Family Fun Day will take place on Saturday, March 9th in Binghamton, NY (P&J pool party on Friday, March 8, 7-8pm, REGISTER BY: Feb. 18). In addition, we hold picnics, meet-ups, get-togethers, dinners, and potlucks for our families. Check our Family Events section for more information.

Information and Referrals: If you are an LGBTQ family or individuals with questions or needs about family building or finding the best provider for you or for someone you love and do not know where to begin, we can help. Part of our mission is to help you navigate health and human services systems, learn your family building options,or find that therapist for your transitioning child. Please check our referrals section or directory of services composed of LGBTQ affirming providers to learn more.

Child Welfare Coalitions: Of the 19,302 children in New York State foster care, 5,376 have a goal of adoption, and approximately 1,000 are legally freed and waiting for an adoptive family. More than ever, members of the LGBTQIAP+ communities are needed as temporary or permanent parents to these children and youth.To this end, we are part of two Child Welfare Coalitions ensuring there is a direct link between adoption professionals and LGBTQIAP+families, supporting both children in the system and families who would like to adopt or foster them. We organize adoption related events, family recruitment and trainings on adoption, parenting, navigating the adoption system, and building resiliency among youth. For more info, please check out our Child Welfare Coalitions page.

Directory of LGBTQIAP+ affirming providers: We maintain a list  of providers who have indicated that they are LGBTQ friendly. While some have simply vocalized their belief in equity and coexistence, others have taken futher steps and also attended intense cultural competency trainings. If you would like to find a provider for a specific need or if you are not sure about who to call for your needs, contact us and we'll refer you to the right provider.

Creating and maintaining LGBTQIAP+ related Resources: In addition to providers, we create useful resources that you may want to explore: Are you a parent looking for a PFLAG meeting(Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) or want learn more about DASA (Dignity for all Student Act) and back to school tips? Are you looking for information regarding specific programs for LGBTQIAP people of color? Looking for what is out there for MSM? Check our resources section to learn more.

Research: We publish Calls for Research concerning LGBTQIAP+ people and families. In addition, thanks to our MSAC (Multidisciplinary Scholarly Advisory Board), we also support academic research particularly investing in LGBTQIAP+ serving providers health and human services. For more information on research, please check our research page.