What is CSTEP?


The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) is a program funded by the State Education Department to increase the number of students from under-represented groups who are pursuing professional licensure and careers in law, mathematics, science, technology and health-related fields.

For a list of Professions Licensed, Registered, or Certified by the Board of Regents please visit the Office of Professions at http://www.op.nysed.gov/

Mission Statement

The Collegiate Science and Technology Program (CSTEP) at Binghamton University is dedicated to providing and promoting services and opportunities for historically underrepresented minority groups and financially disadvantaged students. The CSTEP Program aims to support and prepare students pursuing careers in mathematics, science, technology, health-related fields and/or licensed professions.

In achieving this mission, CSTEP provides services that are culturally relevant and respects the diversity of student needs.

CSTEP intends to enable students to contribute to society by continuously offering dynamic, innovative programs that aid in increasing professional development and academic scholarship. By doing so, CSTEP students will gain valuable tools and resources that will enhance their competitiveness when pursuing STEM graduate degrees, professions or licensed careers.

Student Eligibility 

  • New York state resident 
  • African-American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian or Alaskan native 
  • Economically disadvantaged (Institutions must assure that no more than 20% of all CSTEP students are concurrently enrolled in a state-funded opportunity program) 

         CSTEP, STEP & HEOP Income Eligibility Criteria


To apply for CSTEP, please complete the application from the link below. You will be contacted by the CSTEP office once your application has been reviewed.

The application below requires you to be on your pc/phone browser already signed into your Bmail/Binghamton email with your school account in order to proceed.


Please note: Once contacted by CSTEP for an interview please bring your resume and  your Student Aid Report (SAR).

Program Services

  • CSTEP provides academic enrichment and research experience in STEM content areas. 
  • Projects consist of academic year and summer components including:
    • Supervised training in research methods 
    • Graduate/professional school admissions preparation 
    • Standardized tests preparation 
    • Academic and career development activities

What we offer

At Binghamton University, CSTEP supports students in six disciplines including pre-law, pre-health, engineering, nursing, accounting, and psychology. The program fosters a cooperative learning environment with support services that enhance each student’s academic growth and professional potential.

The following describes services available to CSTEP students

  • Counseling/advising
    CSTEP staff will assist you with career, personal, and academic advising and counseling, helping you to resolve problems, answer questions, or program plan.
  • Tutoring
    CSTEP offers group or individual tutoring primarily in math, science, and technical classes. Some tutors hold office hours while others are available by appointment.
  • Peer support groups
    Each of the six disciplines covered by CSTEP has its own group which is used for peer support, mentoring, networking, career exploration, educational and socialization activities.
  • Enrichment activities
    CSTEP sponsors workshops dealing with topics related to academic success such as: test taking strategies, math and science study skills, time management, stress management, writing and political advocacy skills. Attendance at professional conferences, field trips, or guest speakers is encouraged to increase knowledge about potential careers.
  • Research internships
    Students are paid an hourly wage to work with a professor in a laboratory setting, thereby gaining knowledge of the research process. Internships in other areas are also strongly encouraged. Assistance in obtaining them is provided.
  • Preparation for licensure or admission to graduate school
    CSTEP staff will assist students in developing plans to improve performance on licensure examinations as well as assist students with the application process for admission into graduate or professional school.
  • References
    CSTEP staff will provide employment, scholarship or educational references for students who have been active participants in the CSTEP program.