Infant and Child Studies Project

Welcome to the Infant & Child Studies Project!

logo- panda bear holding a game controller 


Have you ever wondered how your child sees the world? 

We are interested in how children across development perceive different aspects of their visual world.

We study how vision develops across childhood (currently ages 3-12 years). We are currently interested in the influence of digital exposure on visual development. Our studies use eye-tracking technology, touchscreens, videos, and puzzles to engage children's attention and ensure they have fun while contributing to science! Studies last 30-90 minutes, and are located in our child-friendly space at Binghamton University. 

Families receive a $20 travel reimbursement and children receive a small toy!

If you are interested, please call us at 607-777-6225, email us at or click on "Contact Us" below to request info from a study member!