Infant and Child Studies Project

Welcome to the Infant & Child Studies Project! We study visual and cognitive development and are looking for infants and children under 10 years old to participate in our studies.


Have you ever wondered how your baby sees the world? We are interested in how infants and young children perceive different aspects of their visual world. Our current research examines children's learning from television, the ability of 3-6-month-old infants to understand images of objects, and other questions relating to visual perception.

Our studies use eye-tracking, touch screens, videos, and games such as magnetic puzzles to engage children in exciting games that will engage their attention.

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Undergraduate researchers assist with recruitment of participants, data collection, and all other aspects of conducting studies. In addition, students attend weekly lab meetings, present data from their projects and discuss research articles. Written reports are also part of participation in the Project. Undergraduates interested in participating should email Dr. Peter Gerhardstein.

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Dr. Peter Gerhardstein
Project Director


Our research has been reviewed and approved by the Human Subjects Research Review Office.