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About the Baby Lab 

Have you ever wondered how your baby sees the world? We are interested in how infants and young children perceive different aspects of their visual world. The Infant and Child Studies Project has been investigating visual and cognitive development since 1997. Our studies use eye-tracking technology, touchscreens, videos, and puzzles to engage children's attention and ensure they have fun while contributing to science! Our lab was renovated in 2018 and now hosts a playroom filled with lots of toys and a great group of students who are excellent with kids.

The Infant and Child Studies Project, also known as the Baby Lab, investigates the perceptual and attention processes that influence the formation of visual memories in addition to exploring the structure and content of visual representations. We also examine the influence of digital media exposure on visual development.  We subscribe to the view that processes from all of these areas are interrelated.

The Baby Lab is a member of Binghamton University's Center for Development and Behavioral Neuroscience (CDBN). The CDBN promotes both basic and applied research examining the development of normal and abnormal behavior and their biological bases.

Girl playing with toys in colorful playroom

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