Approaches to Assessment

Tobii Pro Fusion 120Hz eye tracker

We have two Tobii Pro Fusion 120Hz eye trackers, which we use to track patterns of attentional allocation, as well as pupil dilation, in studies of information-processing biases.

Brain Vision actiCHamp EEG/ERP system
We have two 32-channel Brain Vision actiCHamp Plus EEG/ERP systems, which we use to assess event-related potentials (ERPs) and steady-state visual evoked potentials (SSVEPs) relevant to attentional allocation, reward processing, affective reactivity. 

Tobii Pro Glasses 3
We have four sets of Tobii Pro Glasses 3, which we use to asssess patterns of attentional allocation during parent-child interactions and other tasks requiring mobile eye tracking.

MindWare Mobile
We have eight MindWare Mobile Physiology units (four sets of two) with integrated audio-video systems, which allows for the collection of synchronized physiological (ECG, Impedance, EDA, facial EMG) and audio-video inputs from two pairs of participants at the same time (e.g., during parent-child interactions).

Biopac Functional Near Infrared (fNIR)
We have one Biopac Functional Near Infrared (fNIR) optical brain imaging system, which we use to assess dynamic blood oxygenation changes in prefrontal cortex during cognitive and emotional tasks.