Our Faculty

Alice G. Friedman

Associate Professor



Friedman's research focuses on two separate areas: psychological adjustment in young children and behavioral medicine/pediatric psychology. The first area examines fears, anxiety and coping in healthy children and those faced with challenges associated with medical illness. The research is geared toward enhancing health and development of children. Projects include evaluating the efficacy of behavioral strategies for increasing health related behaviors in young children, examining the impact of specialty camps on children with medical illness and their families and exploring the relationships among affect/emotionality and academic achievement/coping with challenges. The second focal area is behavioral medicine/pediatric psychology. This area focuses on the interface between the psychological adjustment and physical health.


  • PhD, MS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • BA, Goucher College

Research Interests

  • Clinical psychology
  • psychological adjustment in young children
  • behavioral medicine/pediatric psychology