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Richard Mattson

Associate Professor



Richard Mattson plans to admit a new graduate student to start in Fall 2021.

Relationship satisfaction is arguably the most important construct in relationship research. Mattson's particular focus in this area is on examining a two-dimensional conceptual model of this construct, which "has the potential to yield a richer picture of paths toward relationship distress" (Fincham & Rogge, 2010). The line of research also comprises an investigation of ambivalence toward one's relationship, as well as other evaluative judgments relevant to intimate relationships (e.g., sexual satisfaction, regrets over partner selection).

His research on dyadic interaction ranges from relatively benign forms of communication (e.g., social support) to more damaging ones (e.g., intimate partner violence; IPV). With respect to the latter, his foci are on (a) the interplay of IPV and problematic substance and alcohol use, (b) currently examining ways to improve the self-report validity of IPV measures and (c) situational and attitudinal factors that influence perceptions of IPV and acquaintance rape.


  • PhD, MA, Binghamton University
  • BA, State University of New York at Geneseo

Research Interests

  • The conceptualization and assessment of satisfaction in relationships and the causes and consequences of dysfunctional relationship communication.

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Curriculum Vitae