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headshot of Sung-Joo Lim

Sung-Joo Lim

Assistant Professor



Lim's research aims to understand how dynamic functions of the human brain support speech communication. How do we make sense of speech sounds? How do cognitive mechanisms like attention and working memory contribute to spoken language? How do our prior experiences and auditory expertise shape speech processing and representation? 

To better understand the dynamic neural interactions between auditory perception and high-level cognition, her research program investigates how sound categories are learned, how speech is remembered and how we pay attention to different talkers. Her lab's research integrates theoretical models from cognitive science and empirical approaches from cognitive neuroscience, including psychophysics and psycholinguistics paradigms, multimodal EEG and fMRI neuroimaging, pupillometry and computational modeling.

Accepting graduate students for Fall 2024.


  • Post Doc, Boston University
  • Post Doc, Max Planck Institute
  • PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
  • BS, Carnegie Mellon University

Research Interests

  • Auditory cognitive neuroscience
  • Human speech perception and communication
  • Auditory attention, working memory, and category learning
  • Neural dynamics and functional networks through fMRI and EEG

Research Profile