About the Division

Research at Binghamton University leads to new insights, new technologies and new jobs. Our scholars conduct path-breaking work in areas ranging from neuroscience to energy storage. Multidisciplinary collaborations and partnerships with industry help to ensure that ideas developed on campus have an impact in New York and beyond. Graduate and undergraduate students work alongside our faculty experts, enhancing their classroom experiences with hands-on research.

Binghamton’s creativity and innovation are evident in our designation as a “very high research” campus by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. Sponsored programs expenditures — the money spent on externally sponsored research and scholarly activities — rose 26.75 percent to $63.7 million in 2022-23. The figure represents a strong two year recovery after two years of small declines that reflected challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Binghamton is home to a New York State Center of Excellence focused on electronics packaging as well as several federally recognized research centers in areas ranging from flexible electronics to the study of adolescent exposure to alcohol.

The Division of Research supports all research and scholarly work at Binghamton and leads the campus’ economic development efforts. It is responsible for interactions between the University and federal, state and local elected officials. Priorities include a continued emphasis on research in the health sciences and smart energy and development of the area’s innovation ecosystem.

Through collaboration with other groups on campus, the Division of Research works to improve Binghamton’s research infrastructure and to implement strategic initiatives.