MA+Phd Program

Joint Spanish MA + MSW

In response to the growing demand for bilingual Spanish speaking social workers in the United States, we designed a dual degree in Social Work (MSW) and Spanish (MA). Students enrolled in the dual degree will acquire linguistic and cultural competency as well as professional social work skills to successfully work with Spanish-speaking, Hispanic and Latino communities in the United States.

The language and linguistics courses offered in the Spanish MA will allow students to communicate effectively with clients from different regions and backgrounds. The culture courses will help them obtain a thorough understanding of the historical, political, and social processes that have shaped and continued to shape Latin America-US relations in the present.

For more information, please contact Brian Flynn.

MA + PhD with Comparative Literature

The Romance Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature departments offer a collaborative program providing two options:

  1. The MA in French and PhD in Comparative Literature with a major specialization in French literature.

  2. The MA in Spanish and PhD in Comparative Literature with major specializations in Spanish or Spanish American literature.

The program recognizes the need to meld traditional foreign language and literature studies with current developments in contemporary literary theory. It will give students a strong concentration in language, a national literature, literary theory and criticism.

Students interested in pursuing an MA in RLL and a PhD in Comp. Lit. should specify that in their original application to RLL; a joint graduate committee will review the application. After being admitted, students would conduct a regular course of study in RLL and take the MA exam. After passing the exams, they can begin taking courses toward their PhD, the Comparative Literature program, without having to take comprehensive exams. Students admitted in the combined MA/PhD will not be guaranteed funding, although they would be eligible for it.