Italian (MA)

Program Overview

The Romance Languages and Literatures Department at Binghamton University offers a Master of Arts (MA) degree program in Italian, with both thesis and non-thesis tracks available, customized to allow students to focus on cultural and literary studies, linguistics, pedagogy, and/or translation. Moreover, students can use their elective courses and MA exams to complete additional graduate certificates in translation studies and in community college teaching. Students are expected to have a strong background in Italian, as most courses have a rigorous language component.

Our program is diverse and highly flexible, and students are encouraged to explore interdisciplinary studies. A variety of 4+1 degree programs are available. In collaboration with Lorenzo de’ Medici International Institute (LdM), Binghamton University now offers an innovative transatlantic Master of Arts in Italian.

Degrees Offered

  • MA in Italian

Internships, Research Opportunities and More

Throughout the MA in Italian program, students examine Italy as the geographic, cultural and economic heart of Europe and a center of Western civilization from Roman times to the present day. The mastery of spoken and written Italian is enhanced through the study of an evolving artistic tradition: Medieval literature and culture, Renaissance philosophy, modern Italian poetry and prose, contemporary cinema and new media. The program boasts expert faculty who are distinguished in their fields, including scholars of Dante, medieval Renaissance literature and contemporary Italian literature and cinema.

Small class sizes (ranging from 5 to 25 students) foster close student-faculty interactions and academic supervision. Students are encouraged to seek academic advising early to develop a suitable course of study for their interests. Many classes are offered in the evenings and at night to accommodate part-time, professional students.

The department offers merit-based scholarships (such as the Dr. Aldo Bernardo Italian-American Memorial Award) as well as awards of excellence to be used toward tuition. For further information, please email Graduate Director Dr. Sandra Casanova-Vizcaíno ( Graduate students may also apply for paid assistantships through the “Languages Across the Curriculum” program. These assistantships are part-time, involving work with a professor (possibly in another department) to lead out-of-class discussions or activities. Graduate students can also apply to work for University Tutorial Services. For additional information on financial aid, loans, scholarships and other part-time employment opportunities on campus for graduate students, explore the Graduate School website.

After You Graduate

This degree opens a broad range of professional opportunities in foreign language, culture and public service. Most graduates of the Romance Languages and Literatures Department become language instructors, translators, interpreters, editors and communicators, and many continue on to pursue doctoral studies in leading universities in their field of interest.

Admission Requirements


There are many funding and scholarship opportunities at Binghamton. We encourage prospective students to review available program-specific scholarships and awards, and visit the program's website for additional information. Note: Master's students are generally self-funded, although funding opportunities occasionally arise.

Accelerated/4+1 Degrees

You may also be interested in our accelerated/4+1 degree programs which allow students to complete their bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in just 5 years!

Sandra Casanova-Vizcaino

Associate Professor of Spanish; TRIP Courtesy Title; Affiliated Faculty

Romance Languages and Literatures; Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP); Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Program