French (BA, minor)

Program Overview

The French major offers two areas of study:

  • French and Francophone Studies
  • French Language and Linguistics

As the student progresses within the major, the specialization of either French or Francophone studies or linguistics will begin through strategic course selections. Students will typically also choose to double major within a different discipline to build a holistic degree plan.

Degrees Offered

  • BA in French and Francophone Studies
  • BA in French Language and Linguistics


  • French

Internships, Research Opportunities and More

The faculty who teach French at Binghamton University are not only outstanding educators but are recognized and published scholars within their respective fields of research which include:

  • culinary fiction
  • Caribbean feminisms
  • digital humanities
  • French language and politics
  • language and identity, language attitudes and ideologies
  • gender and power in the early modern period
  • literature and identity
  • Quebec studies
  • Sociolinguistics of North American French

Departmental research opportunities for students include teaching assistantships, internships as events coordinators and the possibility of developing and writing a senior thesis under the guidance of a professor in the department.

Our Undergraduate Teaching Assistant program (UGTA) gives our majors the opportunity to develop important skills by being in front of the classroom and getting a strong hands-on experience of what effective teaching and communication entail. We support our students' applications to teach abroad for a year and many have been chosen to teach in foreign countries where their language proficiency is valued.

We take advantage of opportunities the university provides for recognition of excellence by nominating students for awards, scholarships and fellowships that can make a significant difference when they apply to graduate programs or for jobs. Because of our commitment, our students have won the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence, Fulbright Scholarships and numerous Foundation Awards at graduation.

Students who qualify may choose to complete an accelerated degree program to earn their BA in French and their MA/MPA/MAT in five years instead of the typical six.

Many French majors choose to study abroad to immerse themselves in the French language and French and Francophone culture around the world, and are able to choose from many programs including a faculty-led program in Quebec. The department of Romance Languages sponsors programs in France and Canada.


Some courses to consider in your first year:

After You Graduate

The French language and Francophone Studies/Linguistics major not only provides a student with a solid foundation of language skills, but also develops the student’s written and oral communication skills, analytical and critical-thinking skills and intercultural competence. Graduates find employment in teaching, translation and interpretation, writing, international aid and development, foreign diplomatic service, editing and publishing, natural language processing, ESL, etc. Students who graduate with this degree also pursue a myriad of graduate degrees including the MBA, Master of Public Administration, Master of French and Master of Teaching.