Conference updates

2018 ECTC Involvement

  • Mark Poliks (CAMM) - Vice General Chair, ECTC Executive Committee; Session Chair, Interactive Presentations 4
  • Benson Chan (IEEC) - Session Chair, Emerging Technologies Joint with Advanced Packaging
  • S.B. Park (IEEC) - Session Chair, Applied Reliability Session

Papers and Presentations:

  • Comprehensive Study on 2.5D Package Design for Board-Level Reliability in Thermal Cycling and Power Cycling Shuai Shao, Yuling Niu, Jing Wang, Ruiyang Liu, and Seungbae Park – Binghamton University; Hohyung Lee, Gamal Refai-Ahmed, Laurene Yip – Xilinx, Inc.
  • Copper Transparent Antennas on Flexible Glass by Subtractive and Semi-Additive Fabrication for Automotive Applications Jack Lombardi, Robert Malay, and Mark Poliks – Binghamton University; James Schaffner and Hyok Jae Song – HRL Laboratories; Ming-Huang Huang and Scott Pollard – Corning, Inc.; Timothy Talty – General Motors
  • Design Guideline of 2.5D Package with Emphasis on Warpage Control and Thermal Management Jisun Hong and Kyongsei Cho – Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.; Seungbae Park, Shuai Shao, Yuling Niu, Huayan Wang, and Van Lai Pham – Binghamton University
  • Effects of the Interlayer Thickness and Alloying on the Reliability of Transient Liquid Phase (TLP) Bonding Junghyun Cho and Fei Dong – Binghamton University; Liang Yin and David Shaddock – GE Global Research
  • Effects of Laser Selective Reflow on Solder Joint Microstructure and Reliability Luke Wentlent – Universal Instruments Corp.; Mohammed Genanu, Thaer Alghoul, and Peter Borgesen – Binghamton University; Jim Wilcox – Universal Instruments Corp; Francis Mutuku – Indium Corporation
  • Experimentally Minimizing the Gap Distance Between Extra Tall Packages and PCB Using the Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Method Van Lai Pham, Yuling Niu, Jing Wang, Huayang Wang, Shuai Shao, Charandeep Singh and Seungbae Park – Binghamton University; Cheng Zhong, Sau Wee Koh and Jifan Wang – Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Isothermal Fatigue of Interconnections in Flexible Hybrid Electronics Based Human Performance Monitors R. Sivasubramony, N. Adams, M. Alhendi, G. S. Khinda, M. Z. Kokash, J. P. Lombardi, A. Raj, S. Thekkut, D. L. Weerawarne, M. Yadav, A. V. Zachariah, M. D. Poliks and P. Borgesen – Binghamton University; N. C. Stoffel, D. M. Shaddock and L. Yin – GE Global Research
  • Low Temperature Solder Attach of SnAgCu Bumped Components for a Flexible Hybrid Electronics Based Medical Monitor Thaer Alghoul, Manu Yadav, Sanoop Thekkut, Rajesh Sivasubramony, Christopher Greene, Mark Poliks, and Peter Borgesen – Binghamton University; Luke Wentlent and Michael Meilunas – Universal Instruments; Nancy Stoffel, David Shaddock and Liang Yin – GE Global Research
  • Mechanical Strength Characterization of Direct Bond Interfaces for 3D-IC and MEMS Applications B. Lee, R. Katkar, G. Gao, G. Fountain, S. Lee, L. Wang, C. Mandalapu, C. Uzoh and L. Mirkarimi – Xperi; B. Sykes and M. Litjens – Xyztec; Y. Niu, S. Shao, J. Wang and S. Park – Binghamton University
  • Modeling and Design of 2.5D Package With Mitigated Warpage and Enhanced Thermo-Mechanical Reliability Jing Wang, Yuling Niu, and Seungbae Park – Binghamton University; Alexander Yatskov – Juniper Networks
  • Reliability Study and Finite Element Modeling of a Wearable Sensor Patch (WSP) to Monitor ECG Signals Varun Soman, Mark Poliks, and James Turner – Binghamton University; Mark Schadt, Michael Shay, and Frank Egitto – i3 Electronics, Inc.
  • The Experimental and Numerical Study of Electromigration in 2.5D Packages Jiefeng Xu, Yuling Niu, Stephen R. Cain, and S.B. Park – Binghamton University; Scott McCann, Hohyung Lee, and Gamal Refai-Ahmed – Xilinx, Inc

2018 iTherm Involvement 

  • Bahgat Sammakia (S3IP, ES2) - Executive Committee
  • 2017 Outstanding Paper - Quasi-Steady Modeling of Data Center Heat Exchanger under Dynamic Conditions Marcelo Del Valle, Carol Caceres, Alfonso Ortega (Villanova University); Kourosh Nemati, Bahgat Sammakia (Binghamton University)

Papers and Presentations:

  • An Experimental Analysis of Hot Aisle Containment Systems (p259) Sadegh Khalili (Binghamton University); Husam Alissa (Microsoft); Anuroop Desu, Bahgat Sammakia, Kanad Ghose (Binghamton University)
  • An Experimental Analysis of Hot Aisle Containment Systems - Sadegh Khalili
  • Experimental Characterization of Cold Plates Used in Cooling Multi Chip Server Modules (MCM) (p227) Bharath Ramakrishnan, Yaser Hadad (SUNY Binghamton); Sami Alkharabsheh (Ford); Paul Chiarot, Kanad Ghose, Bahgat Sammakia (SUNY Binghamton); Vadim Gektin, Wang Chao (Huawei Technologies)
  • The Impact of Cold Aisle Containment Pressure Relief on IT Availability (p324) Mohammad Tradat, Udaya Puvvadi, Bahgat Sammakia, Kanad Ghose (SUNY Binghamton); Mahmoud Ibrahim, Andrew Calder, Thomas Peddle (Panduit); Mark Seymour (Future Facilities); Husam Alissa (Microsoft)