Our Centers

Our Centers

S3IP has five research centers:


The Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM) leads a New York-centered team supported by a $75 million, five-year federal initiative to advance flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing. As part of America's first Innovation Institute for Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing, CAMM demonstrates the feasibility of roll-to-roll flexible electronics manufacturing. Its 10,000-square-foot facility has a panel line for process and product development and an integrated roll-to-roll research line for product development.


The Center for Autonomous Solar Power (CASP) addresses scientific challenges to reduce the cost of solar power and enhance energy efficiency. The center, established in 2008, draws expertise from engineering, chemistry and physics to bridge the gap between technology and commercialization. CASP conducts research related to thin-film solar cells, supercapacitors, thermoelectric cells and reliability studies with an emphasis on Earth-abundant, low-toxicity materials.


The Center for Heterogeneous Integration Research in Packaging (CHIRP) will help to define the future of electronics packaging in the United States and globally for the next decade. Heterogeneous integration of many microchips into single packages will be essential to technology ranging from autonomous vehicles to the internet of things for at least the next 10 years. Faculty teams at Binghamton University and Purdue University will address basic and applied research in global interconnects, efficient power delivery, system design, thermal management, novel materials, reliability and other topics. The center is funded in part by Semiconductor Research Corp., a technology research consortium that promotes collaborations among academic institutions, technology companies and government agencies.


The Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems (ES2), a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, brings government, industry and academic partners together to develop methods for efficiently operating electronic systems, including data centers. The focus is on controlling resources and managing workloads to achieve optimal energy consumption. ES2 runs a data center that is a living lab where industry standards can be tested and developed.


The Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC), a New York State Center for Advanced Technology, performs research in electronics packaging for the technological and economic benefit of its member companies. Capabilities include reliability analysis; mechanical/thermal analysis and testing; solder mechanics; failure mechanism determination; and micromechanical analysis and testing. Researchers affiliated with the center, founded in 1991, also conduct research on sensors and new materials for electronics systems.

S3IP also partners with New Energy New York, a Binghamton University-led initiative to catalyze rapid growth in the energy storage industry in upstate New York.