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Overloading Policies

The Scholars Program does not have authority to approve credit overloads even if a Scholars course is being requested.  Each school/college at Binghamton University has its own unique set of rules for overloading as indicated below:


Harper College Overload Policy and Petition

The normal credit load for Harpur students is 12-18 credits.  The overload petition will be available by the first day of classes each semester (Fall/Spring ONLY).

The link to the online form, is located at the bottom of the Harpur overload web page (see link above)

Approved overload petitions submitted prior to the first day of classes will be entered beginning on the first day of classes.  Students will receive an email with the results of their petition via their Binghamton email address.  Petitions submitted after the first day of the semester will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.

Approval of an overload petition does not constitute registration in a course.  Approved students who do not register before the add/drop deadline must petition for a late add.  See



—Starting on the 1st day of the semester, you may enroll in up to 22 credits through the BUBrain.

—If you wish to carry 23 or 24 credit hours, you must petition.

—Credit loads of 23-24 credits must be reviewed by the Academic Standards Committee.  Be aware that this Committee will not meet until the 4th week of the semester



—You must petition to take additional credits.

—All petitions for 23 or 24 credits will be automatically referred to the Harpur College Academic Standards Committee.  Be aware that this Committee will not meet until the 4th week of the semester.


STUDENTS WITH LESS THAN A 3.3 GPA WHO WISH TO TAKE MORE THAN 18 ACADEMIC CREDITS (academic credits are defined as courses not offered through OUT, THEP and MUSP):

—Overload petitions for Harpur students with less than a 3.30 cumulative GPA will be considered beginning on the first day of the semester. 
—Students must present a strong rationale. Extenuating circumstances may be considered.


STUDENTS WHO WILL NOT BE APPROVED TO TAKE MORE THAN 18 ACADEMIC CREDITS (academic credits are defined as courses not offered through OUT, THEP and MUSP):

—First semester Binghamton students (freshman or transfers) are not permitted to take more than 18 academic credits.

—Students on probation are not permitted to take more than 18 academic credits.

—Students may not overload during a winter or summer term.



Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences Overload Policy


Undergraduate students with a 3.3 GPA will receive automatic approval for credit overload up to 22 credits. Eligible students requesting credit overload should contact the Decker Academic Advising and Student Services Office. First-semester freshman students, first-semester transfer students and students on probation may not overload credits. Students who do not meet the 3.3 GPA or who wish to take more than 22 credits must submit a petition through the Educational Policies Committee. Students should attend class until they can register officially online.



 CCPA Overload Policy and Petition

If you wish to take more than 18 credits a semester, you must request to do so the semester prior to one in which you wish to overload.  A copy of the Overload Request Form can be picked up in the Peer Advising Office.


Students who wish to overload must meet one of the following requirements

—Graduation in that semester

—A cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher

—Extraordinary circumstances


The maximum overload request is for 24 credits

—HDEV Advisor acts on requests for up to 20 credits

—Petitions for 21-24 credits are considered by the Academic Standards Committee



Watson College of Engineering Overload Policy and Petition

 —You must have at least a 3.0 GPA or be a graduating senior to qualify for an overload.

 —Use the General Academic Petition form from the Watson Advising office

            —List courses you are registered for and courses you would like to register for

            —Your GPA

            —The reason for your petition and total number of credits you need

            —Obtain the appropriate signatures

            —hand it in to the Watson Advising office in LS-G552 for processing


Computer Science Overload to 19 Credit Hours for First Semester first-year students

First-year Scholars majoring in Computer Science require a course load of 19 credits.  Restrictions on credits will be lifted by the Scholars Office and Watson Advising for first-year CS majors.



School of Management Overload Policy


Criterion of Approval:

—Graduation this semester OR

—Academic excellence (GPA over 3.0) OR

—Extraordinary circumstances (explained on overload form)

—Approval of an overload request does not guarantee admission to the courses listed.


Indicate the following on SOM Undergraduate Programs Overload Request Form

            —List credits completed previous semester, total credits completed


            —Expected graduation date

            —Total number of credits you wish to carry

            —Courses you wish to take


—If a student submits an overload approval application form while time tickets are still open during advance registration, then the overload request will not be considered until all students with the same relative standing (senior, junior…) have had time to register.


—If a student submits an overload approval application form outside of the advance registration period, then the approval application is reviewed within one business day.


—If a student’s overload application receives approval, then the revised value for allowed credits will be visible in BU-Brain.


—A student requesting an overload in order to add a “by permission of instructor” Scholars course must provide proof to the Scholars Office that the overload request was granted.


Last Updated: 8/18/20