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Binghamton University Scholars Program $3,500 Award:
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Summer Internship Option

To apply for the $3,500 Scholars Award
  • Do not apply for the Scholars Award until you have registered for a Binghamton University internship course of at least 4 credit hours.
  • Log in to B-Engaged
    • Locate the Binghamton University Scholars Program organization page
    • Under "Forms", select "Scholars $3,500 Award Application"
    • You will be asked to:
      • Enter the name, professional job title, and email of whomever at Binghamton University is overseeing your academic credit.
      • Upload a copy of your transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable) as a pdf with the internship course and internship credits (minimum of 4) circled or highlighted.
  • Please see the Financial Considerations section below for payment detail
  • Once the award application has been approved you will receive an email notification from B-Engaged. Upon receipt of that email, you must stop by the Scholars Program Office to complete a State of NY Standard Voucher. Failure to complete this step will result in the award not being paid.

Financial Considerations

  • Scholars receiving the $3,500 award for an Internship experience are not eligible to apply for the Education Abroad Award. Scholars may, however, apply to the Summer Scholars and Artists Program as part of the general student population and if accepted will receive a $3,500 stipend that is separate from the Scholars $3,500 Award.
  • An eligible Scholar participating in an approved paid or unpaid summer internship will receive $3,500 in the form of a check from the Binghamton University Business Office. The payment of $3,500 is regardless of the amount the student is being paid by the employer.
  • Note that the payment is not a financial aid award and will not appear on any financial aid documentation.
  • Tuition and other costs are the responsibility of the participating student. Tuition information is available at:
  • Students receiving the award, but not completing the internship will be expected to return the entire award.


Last Updated: 4/9/19