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Teach & Learn With Georgia

Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG) is a progressive education movement initiated by the Georgian government and administered under the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science. They recruit native English, French and German language speakers to co-teach alongside local teachers in public schools throughout the beautiful and historic country of Georgia. TLG aims to improve Georgia’s nationwide foreign language proficiency in an effort towards further participation in the global community.

Teach and Learn with Georgia offers the following benefits to TLG Volunteers:

Monthly Salary of Georgian Lari*
FREE Round-trip Ticket to and from Georgia, Airport pick up
FREE Medical Insurance
Paid vacation during winter holidays
Housing and Living Accommodations
Sim card on the TLG Corporate Network
24/7 Support from the TLG Staff
Orientation Training Upon Arrival, Mid-term trainings

The minimum requirements for being accepted as a volunteer into Teach and Learn with Georgia are as follows:

Native speaker in the language being taught (English, French or German)
- BA/BS in education, didactics, linguistics, methodology in teaching a foreign language or in any related discipline
- OR BA/BS in any discipline and teaching experience
- OR a final year Bachelor’s degree student of the following disciplines: education, didactics, linguistics, teaching a foreign language or in any related discipline


early July

Application Procedure:
Student applies directly

Eligible to Apply:

Undergraduate: Senior and recent college graduates

Graduate: None

Award Type:

Award Period:
Post Bachelors

Disciplines / Areas of Study or Interest:
Teaching ESL

Additional Qualifications:

Last Updated:
July 23, 2018

Last Updated: 9/12/17