Speaking Center

The Speaking Center staff looks forward to working with you this fall!  

Individual and group consultation appointments will be available after the start of the fall semester - check back for an opening announcement.  Once we are open, you can visit the "Make an Appointment" tab to schedule your time to plan, practice and polish your presentation and public speaking skills!

The Speaking Center supports student development and success in public speaking and oral presentation preparation and delivery, providing quality peer-to-peer consulting to all Binghamton University students seeking oral presentation assistance and critique.  

Peer consultants staff the Speaking Center to help you with all aspects related to presentations and public speaking, from planning and organizing to addressing concerns and polishing delivery.  Make an appointment to receive constructive oral presentation consulting in a risk-free, professional environment.

This is a great way for people to practice giving presentations/speeches for classes and extra-curricular groups while receiving valuable feedback. All students should really take advantage of this great service Binghamton has provided! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


The Department for Student Transition and Success

The Speaking Center is part of the Department for Student Transition and Success, which supports students' academic, personal and professional development as they transition through their Binghamton collegiate experience. Other services and programs within our department include: