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How to make a Speaking Center Appointment

Speaking Center Cancellation Policy

Thank you for your interest in the Speaking Center. We are excited to work with you! The Speaking Center is NOW accepting appointments for Spring 2024!

IMPORTANT: You must use your B-Mail account to schedule your consultation (be sure that you are actively logged in using your B-Mail profile, NOT a personal Google/Chrome profile) to schedule a consultation appointment.

Using your B-Mail, you will start by accessing this Google Form  (once appointments open) to schedule your consultation — answer the questions on the form to provide the Speaking Center peer consultant team with the details they need in order to maximize your consultation. Once you've answered the questions, you will link to the Speaking Center calendar to schedule your appointment. Consultation appointments are scheduled for half-hour time slots. If you would like more than 30 minutes for your appointment, schedule two consecutive time slots. 

To best serve you, we strongly recommend that you schedule appointments at least two full business days (i.e. Mon.-Fri.) in advance (ideally, even earlier to ensure that you can secure a time slot). All consultation appointments must be scheduled at least one full business day (Mon.-Fri.) in advance — those secheduled less than 24 business-day hours in advance are not guaranteed to take place. Appointments recommended, walk-ins accepted if time/space allows. 

Be sure to check the Services section of the webpage to learn how to prepare for and optimize your appointment with the Speaking Center.

Contact the Speaking Center with any questions. 

Speaking Center Cancellation Policy and Procedure

Note that due to increased demand of Speaking Center services, we have adopted a two-time cancellation policy. If students cancel less than 12 hours before their scheduled appointment, are late for their scheduled appointment or do not show up to their scheduled appointment two times during a semester, they will no longer be able to make Speaking Center appointments. If students need to cancel their appointment, they are expected to email the Speaking Center (as soon as they know they will miss the appointment but no later than one hour in advance) at in addition to canceling and rescheduling their appointment via our website scheduling form.