Buses and Shuttles

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Looking for a way to get around campus and the community? At Binghamton University, there are multiple bus and shuttle options.

Binghamton University offers students, faculty and staff access to OCCT and Broome County Transit buses at no cost by scanning their Binghamton University ID. Both OCCT and BC Transit offer service for daily commutes, to shopping centers and to other destinations in Broome  County as well as around the Binghamton University community. Simply scan and ride!


Off Campus College Transport (OCCT) is a student run transportation service for students, faculty and staff. OCCT offers transportation around the Binghamton University community with the scan of a valid Binghamton University ID. 

OCCT Campus Shuttle

OCCT also provides a shuttle service that transports students, faculty and staff around main campus. Simply scan your Binghamton University ID and ride. 

BC Transit

Broome County (BC) Transit  is the local public transportation provider that has a contractual agreement with Binghamton University. BC Transit allows students, faculty and staff to ride with a Binghamton University ID.  

Other Bus Travel

The Greater Binghamton Transportation Center and Escape Bus Co., the student run bus charter company, offer easy ways to travel home for a long weekend or break.