Transit service updates for the end of the spring semester

OCCT will provide full service through Sunday, May 15, and will operate on a reduced service schedule Monday, May 16 through Friday, May 20. For the reduced service schedule and a list of final runs on Friday, May 20, visit the OCCT website. A combined ITC/campus shuttle will continue to run from 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday, May 23 through Friday, May 27 until summer service begins Tuesday, May 31. The OCCT summer schedule will be posted on the OCCT website.

BC Transit extra service on route 15, and regular service on route 16 have ended and will resume at the start of the fall semester. The last day of service on Route 9 that travels to Broome Community College will be Tuesday, May 17. BC Transit will continue to run all other routes as scheduled. For a full list of route information, visit the BC Transit website

Overnight parking restriction lifted for Stress-Free Bing

To support students studying for finals, Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) has lifted the overnight parking restriction for commuter lots from midnight, Wednesday, May 4 through 5 a.m., Thursday, May 19. Any commuter with a valid parking permit will be allowed to park in these spaces overnight. All paid and metered spaces are still in effect. See the campus map for lot locations.

Continue to wear a mask on transit

Binghamton University has lifting the temporary mask mandate that has been in place during much of the pandemic, effective Saturday, March 26, 2022. However, staying in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), masks are still required on OCCT and BC Transit buses.

Try transit or share a ride!

With the increasing cost of fuel, TAPS is reminding the campus community about available alternative transportation options. 

Off Campus College Transport (OCCT) and Broome County (BC) Transit provide reliable and convenient transportation service to students, faculty and staff at no cost with the swipe of their University ID and a face covering. These transit providers offer service for daily commutes, to shopping centers and other destinations. 

OCCT and Broome County Transit have fixed schedules that can be found on their websites. Both service providers also have apps that display real-time bus tracking information. Download the ETA Spot app for OCCT or the DoubleMap app for Broome County Transit.

If you are interested in sharing or getting a ride, Binghamton University offers 511NY Rideshare, which is a free, online carpooling platform. 511NY Rideshare offers an easy way to find a carpool for everyday commutes and travel to and from home on holidays and breaks. Students, faculty and staff may sign up, create a profile and easily find other students to travel with by posting a ride. 

TAPS also offers carpooling incentives to encourage carpooling. Students, faculty and staff who purchase a permit are eligible to participate in a program that provides preferential parking for carpoolers. During Information Booth hours of operation, when a vehicle with at least three total occupants stops at the Information Booth, the driver will receive access to the Visitor's Paid Lot and Parking Garage. The vehicle must have a valid parking permit and all individuals in the vehicle must show their University ID. In addition, commuter students are also eligible to accumulate times participated towards money back on the driver's purchased permit. Find out more information, here.

Bus routes that will take you to a booster appointment

Information on where to schedule a booster appointment and the OCCT and BC Transit routes that can get you there, can be found here.

Spring semester OCCT and BC Transit service

OCCT will begin full service for the spring semester Tuesday, Jan. 25. A limited Welcome Back service will run Sunday, Jan. 23 through Monday Jan. 24. For the full OCCT spring schedule and the Welcome Back service schedule, visit the OCCT website or download the free ETA SPOT app for real-time bus tracking information.

BC Transit will continue to provide service to campus. For more information on particular routes and BC Transit schedules, visit the BC Transit website or download the free DoubleMap app for real-time bus tracking information.

Binghamton University offers students, faculty and staff access to OCCT and BC Transit buses at no cost by scanning their Binghamton University ID. Passengers are required to wear a mask when riding both BC Transit and OCCT buses.

Semester parking permits available

Semester parking permits are available for purchase online at the Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) portal. To log in, you will need your Binghamton University login ID. If you purchased a permit for the academic year, no further action is required.

First-time permit buyer? You must first register your vehicle online with the University. If you are a returning customer, log in, follow the step-by-step instructions and confirm that your vehicle information is up to date.

TAPS utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR), which eliminates the need for parking decals. LPR is a plate-recognition technology that virtually associates Binghamton University parking permits to a license plate without a decal or hangtag. Once a virtual permit is purchased online, a confirmation will be emailed and the permit is active. Vehicle information can be updated from your online account at any time.

TAPS Updates 2021-2022


Bus passenger requirements

  • Passengers must wear masks at all times while inside the bus. Riders not wearing masks will not be allowed entry.
  • Passengers should assist in keeping themselves safe by cleaning hands with soap or using hand sanitizer. While buses will be cleaned by staff, passengers are encouraged to use the sanitizer provided by Binghamton University to wipe down surfaces in their seating area. Passengers should also use hand sanitizer after exiting the bus.

Bus stop location changes
A few bus route pick-up locations, usually at the University Union, moved last year to minimize congestion at the Union. The following is a list of the pick-up locations by bus:

Pick-Up Location OCCT BC Transit
University Union WSO, DCL, LRS, UDC, DE, HSC Shuttle 15, 47
Admissions N/A 16, 17
Digman N/A 9 Express, 57
Rafuse RR, OAK 9 Local
Mohawk ITC, UP, CS *on weekends only 5

Spring OCCT and BC Transit schedule
The OCCT schedule for the spring semester is posted on the OCCT website. Download the ETA SPOT application for real-time bus tracking information.

BC Transit continues to operate between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. BC Transit routes and schedule information are available at the BC Transit website.  Download the DoubleMap application for real-time bus tracking information.


2021-2022 parking on campus 
As we return to campus this upcoming semester, TAPS reminds the campus community that parking on campus will be much tighter than it was during the 2020-2021 academic year. There is always available space, but it is not always right next to a destination. Parking Services will closely monitor lot availability and will update the parking website with which parking lots have available space during peak times on campus. Parkers are always required to park in a valid designated space.  

If you are having trouble finding a spot, parking spaces are available in Lot G1, E1 and ZZ North/South. See the campus map for parking lot locations. The campus shuttle stops near each of these locations to transport you closer to your specific destination. 

The University also offers convenient alternative transportation options. OCCT, BC Transit and carpooling with 511NY Rideshare make it easy to get around campus and the community. 

Lot LT metered parking closed
The metered parking section of Lot LT is closed until further notice for construction in the Glenn G. Bartle Library. The lower portion of Lot LT will remain open for ADA and service parking, except during academic breaks. Parking designation rules and regulations still apply.

If you are looking for paid parking, the Visitor’s Paid lot, located across West Drive from Lot LT, is open for pay-by-hour parking. Customers are able to pay for this parking upon exit with a credit/debit card. Cash is not accepted at the Visitor’s Paid Lot. Paid parking that accepts cash is available in the Parking Garage and other metered parking areas throughout campus. See the campus map for additional parking options. 

Parking Services office returns to Couper Administration Building
Parking Services is no longer located at the Events Center as it has returned to the ground level of the Couper Administration Building. Hours of operation continue to be 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Parking Services requests that transactions be completed online at the TAPS portal when possible. Questions can be directed to parking@binghamton.edu.

Whoosh! app changes to flowbird
Whoosh! has changed its pay-by-phone metered parking app to flowbird. To park using flowbird, download the app, enter your credit card information and type in your metered parking area. Flowbird allows you to add more time to your metered space right from your phone if needed. If you previously had Whoosh!, all of your information will transfer over once you have downloaded flowbird.

Special Programs

New carpooling platform, 511NY Rideshare
Binghamton University has a new partnership with 511NY Rideshare, a free carpooling platform. 511NY Rideshare is an easy way to find a carpool for everyday commutes and travel to and from home on holidays and breaks. Connect with those in the Binghamton University community by signing up and setting up a free profile. 

Continue to check back for up-to-date TAPS news and information.