Updates to transportation starting Oct. 8, 2020

  • Starting on Thursday, Oct. 8, Off Campus College Transport (OCCT) will be running on a reduced schedule until the pause is ended. The details on the exact schedule will be posted on the OCCT website once it's finalized.
  • Remember to download and view the ETA SPOT app for real time bus information of OCCT.
  • BC Transit will remain with regular service.  For real time bus for BC Transit, download Double Map.

TAPS Fall 2020 Operations FAQs

  • Will OCCT and BC Transit be operating?

    Yes, both OCCT and BC Transit will operate in the fall.

  • What passenger limits and guidelines will be required when riding OCCT and BC Transit buses?

    Both services will be operating under the latest guidance for transit provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Transportation, the governor’s office and/or the Federal Transit Administration when campus reopens this fall. 

    OCCT will limit ridership to 17 passengers per blue bus and 8 passengers per green campus shuttle. Passengers must wear masks and social distance at all times, both inside the bus and while waiting in line with other passengers. Riders not wearing masks will be denied entry. When riding OCCT, passengers will enter through the front of the bus and scan their University IDs and will be required to exit through the rear doors.

    Buses will be cleaned and disinfected at night and high-touch points will be wiped down mid-day. Cleaning and disinfecting will be performed in accordance with guidelines from the CDC and the Department of Transportation. This includes using approved disinfectants and following manufacturer’s instructions for all products, including concentrations, application and method.

    BC Transit
    BC Transit is limiting ridership to 17-23 passengers per bus and requires that masks be worn and social distancing take place. Riders not wearing masks will be denied entry. Passengers will enter through the front of the bus and be required to scan their University IDs. BC Transit will be cleaning and disinfecting their buses regularly following required guidelines.

  • Will more buses be added to handle routes since fewer people will be able to ride at one time?

    Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) anticipates reduced travel due to many classes going online. Once the transit demand is evaluated, resources will be reallocated to the extent possible. Both OCCT and BC Transit have a fixed number of buses that will limit the ability to add service.

  • What are the fall schedules for OCCT and BC Transit?

    OCCT buses will operate between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. this fall. All routes will still be available and will run at similar frequencies, except for Late Night service, which will not be available this semester. The OCCT Campus Shuttle will operate from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. The OCCT schedule is currently being finalized and will be available in the near future on the OCCT website

    Download the ETA SPOT application for real-time bus tracking information. OCCT and TAPS will closely monitor usage to make necessary changes if overcrowding occurs.

    BC Transit
    BC Transit will continue to operate between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. this fall. BC Transit routes and schedule information are available at the BC Transit website.  All routes will still be available and will run at similar frequencies. BC Transit will also provide a new route, the Vestal Express, which will run from some of the off-campus housing complexes to the University. Download the DoubleMap application for real-time bus tracking information.

  • Will there be enough parking on campus if more people bring their vehicles to campus?
    While more people may bring their vehicles to campus, the reduced densities for classes and staffing should free up capacity to meet any additional parking demand. 
  • Do parking rules and regulations still apply?
    Parking rules and regulations are in effect. When parking from 7 a.m. Monday through 4 p.m. Friday, a valid parking permit is needed. Permits are available for purchase online. In order to limit in-office visits, office staff will be available to answer questions by email at parking@binghamton.edu or by phone call at 607-777-2279. Parking Services requests that all transactions be completed online when possible. If a parking transaction cannot be completed online, email or call to set up an in-office appointment. 
  • Will Escape offer trips this fall?
    Since there are no breaks in the academic calendar this fall, Escape does not intend to run bus service until Thanksgiving break. Service for Thanksgiving break will depend on adequate demand.
  • Will first-year resident students be able to bring a vehicle to campus?
    There has been no change to the rule restricting first-year resident students from parking on campus. First-year resident students are not permitted to bring a vehicle to campus. 

TAPS Updates 2020-2021


Bus passenger requirements

  • Passengers must wear masks at all times, both inside the bus and while waiting in line with other passengers. Riders not wearing masks will not be allowed entry.
  • Passengers should practice social distancing while waiting for the bus.
  • Passengers will enter through the front of the bus and exit through the back. All passengers must have their ID ready to scan as they enter.
  • Passengers should minimize interaction with the drivers.
  • Passengers should assist in keeping themselves safe by cleaning hands with soap or using hand sanitizer. While buses will be cleaned by staff, passengers are encouraged to use the sanitizer provided by Binghamton University to wipe down surfaces in their seating area. Passengers should also use hand sanitizer after exiting the bus.

Limited bus capacity, plan ahead
Due to social distancing guidelines, there will be limited bus capacity on both OCCT and BC Transit buses. TAPS encourages the campus community to plan ahead and take earlier buses when needed.

Bus stop location changes
A few bus route pick-up locations, usually at the University Union, have been moved in order to maximize the ability to social distance and minimize in person congestion at the Union. The following is a list of the new pick-up locations by bus:

Pick-Up Location OCCT BC Transit
University Union WSO, DCL, LRS, UDC  15, 47
Admissions N/A 16, 17
Digman N/A 9 Express, 57
Rafuse RR, OAK 9 Local
Mohawk ITC, UP 5


Parking office moving to Events Center
Parking Services will begin conducting all in-person transactions from the Events Center on Aug. 10. Hours of operation will remain from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Parking Services requests that all transactions be completed online when possible. If a parking transaction cannot be completed online, email at parking@binghamton.edu or call 607-777-2279 to set up an in-office appointment.

Whoosh! app changes to flowbird
Whoosh! has changed its pay-by-phone metered parking app to flowbird. To park using flowbird, download the app, enter your credit card information and type in your metered parking area. Flowbird allows you to add more time to your metered space right from your phone if needed. If you previously had Whoosh!, all of your information will transfer over once you have downloaded flowbird.

Lot ZZ South closed for NYS COVID-19 testing
Lot ZZ South is closed for NYS COVID-19 testing until further notice. See the campus map for additional parking options.

Lot L remains open to ADA parking only
Lot L, adjacent to Hinman College, is closed except for ADA parking due to the Hinman Dining Hall renovation. ADA parking spaces are available in Lot L by using the new entrance on West Drive.

Parking spaces added to Lot M1
An additional 87 parking spaces have been added to Lot M1. This lot is designated as a 24-hour lot with a portion of it designated as metered parking.

Special Programs

New carpooling platform, 511NY Rideshare
Binghamton University has a new partnership with 511NY Rideshare, a free carpooling platform. 511NY Rideshare is an easy way to find a carpool for everyday commutes and travel to and from home on holidays and breaks. Connect with those in the Binghamton University community by signing up and setting up a free profile. 

Safe Escort Program
Due to COVID-19 concerns, Safe Ride will be unable to provide vehicle escorts this fall. University Police will continue to provide walking escorts for anyone who does not feel safe walking on campus. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Students, faculty and staff can request a safe walking escort by calling University Police at 607-777-2393.

For those navigating campus, TAPS encourages students, faculty and staff to utilize the OCCT campus shuttle. The shuttle continuously loops the main campus and runs until 1 a.m., stopping at multiple locations. The route is performed by a green shuttle Monday through Friday and a blue bus Saturdays and Sundays. During peak times, the buses run more frequently and will arrive at stop locations every 7-10 minutes. The campus shuttle is displayed in the ETA SPOT application for real-time tracking information.

BAP bus service
The 9 BC Transit bus will continue to be the primary route for access between the Binghamton University and SUNY Broome campuses. The route and service will remain essentially the same.

Move In Week Information

The campus is reminded that students will be moving in Wednesday, Aug. 19 through Tuesday Aug. 25. During this time, lots S3, T, P, Q1, Q2, O1, Y1, Y3, N and X will be closed to accommodate students unloading their belongings.

Continue to check back for up-to-date TAPS news and information.