Parking on campus during snowfall

TAPS reminds everyone that, even during snowfall, vehicles are prohibited from parking in commuter lots between midnight and 5 a.m. In addition, the Visitor's Paid Lot and Lot LT must be empty between 5 and 7 a.m. if the green light is on. These rules are in place for snow removal purposes.

Vehicles parked in commuter lots during these times will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. If you need to leave your car on campus overnight, there are 24-hour “R” lots available for parking. See the parking map for 24-hour “R” lot locations.

New fleet of Binghamton bikes, free for two hours each day

Want to ride a bike without having to bring your own to campus? Binghamton University Transportation and Parking Services has partnered with Koloni to bring a bikeshare program to campus.  There are now 30 new Binghamton University bikes located in four locations on the main campus. Visit the bikeshare website to find a location nearest you. Bikes can go to any destination, but need to be returned to one of the four bike hubs when the ride is complete.

So how does it work? Download the free Koloni app to join and reserve. Once you've reserved a ride, the app will provide instructions on how to unlock a bike. Bikes may be reserved at no charge by students, faculty and staff for two hours a day. It will cost $5 an hour after the two-hour time period. When you download the app, credit card information is required. No charge will be made unless a bike is in use after the free two hours.

Ride a bike on your way to class or around the campus community! Enjoy everything this campus has to offer.

TAPS updates 2023-2024


Bus stop signage
Bus stop signage has been added to each on-campus bus stop location. This signage was created to simplify utilizing transit. Each stop is labeled and shows which OCCT and BC Transit buses stop at that location. It also shows popular destinations for specific routes.

Fall transit schedules
OCC Transport (OCCT) will begin full service for the fall semester Tuesday, Aug. 22. A limited Welcome Back service will run Saturday, Aug. 19 through Monday Aug. 21. The OCCT schedules are posted on the OCCT website. Download the ETA SPOT application for real-time bus tracking information.

BC Transit continues to operate between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. BC Transit routes and schedule information are available at the BC Transit website. Download the DoubleMap application for real-time bus tracking information.


Purchase your parking permit
You can purchase your parking permit online today at the Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) portal. It’s easy and convenient! To log in, you will need your Binghamton University ID and Two Factor Authentication (2FA). 

First time permit buyer? You must first register your vehicle online with the University. If you are a returning customer, log in, follow the step-by-step instructions and confirm that your vehicle information is up to date. 

TAPS utilizes License Plate Recognition (LPR), a plate-recognition technology that virtually associates Binghamton University parking permits to a license plate. Vehicle information can be updated from your online account at any time. See the campus map for parking lot locations and which lot designations correspond with your permit type. Parking Services will closely monitor lot availability and will update the TAPS website with which parking lots have available space during peak times on campus.

Parking availability
As we return to campus, Transportation and Parking Services reminds the campus community that parking on campus is busier between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. during peak class times. There is always available space, but it is not always right next to a destination. Parking Services will closely monitor lot availability and will update with which parking lots that have available space during peak times on campus, here. Parkers are always required to park in a valid designated space.  

If you are having trouble finding a spot, parking spaces are available in Lot G1, E1 and ZZ North/South. See the campus map for parking lot locations. The campus shuttle stops near each of these locations to transport you closer to your specific destination.

The University also offers convenient alternative transportation options. OCCT, BC Transit and carpooling with 511NY Rideshare make it easy to get around campus and the community.

Lot G1, it's not far

Lot LT metered parking will continue to be closed
The metered parking section of Lot LT will continue to be closed for construction in the Glenn G. Bartle Library until further notice. The lower portion of Lot LT will remain open for ADA and service parking, except during academic breaks. Parking designation rules and regulations still apply. 

Lot B will reopen for the fall semester
Lot B will reopen for the fall semester after being closed during the Old Rafuse renovation.

Parking permit fee increases
Binghamton University parking rates have not been increased since 2011. Increased operational and maintenance expenses have resulted in a need to increase parking revenue. Therefore, an increase to some permit costs have been approved by the Parking and Transportation Stakeholder group and Binghamton University Council for the upcoming academic year.

Garage and paid lot permit holders, only University IDs grant access
TAPS has partnered with ITS to improve access security at the Parking Garage and Visitor’s Paid Lot. Access for garage and paid lot permit holders is now only granted by scanning your Binghamton University ID instead of a proximity card. 

If you have a current garage and paid lot permit, your ID will automatically now allow access. IDs must be easily accessible in order to prevent delays and allow access and egress. Faculty and staff that need a replacement ID card should visit Human Resources.


Free bike repairs on campus
Two bicycle fix-it stations are now on campus, located at the bike rack next to the Lecture Hall and the bike rack in front of C4.  These stations have common tools needed to do bike repairs yourself. 

Another option is the Binghamton University Bike Shop. The Bike Shop, located in UU-112 across from Dunkin' in Tillman Lobby, offers free bike repairs and maintenance. Bikes can be brought to the shop by appointment by emailing bicycle@binghamtonsa.org.