Coronavirus 2019 TAPS FAQ

Do parking rules and regulations still apply?
Yes. All parking rules and regulations remain in effect.

Is the Parking Office open?
The Parking Office has closed walk-in service. For parking transactions, visit the online parking portal. You can also email the Parking Services office at parking@binghamton.edu for assistance.

Will I receive a refund for my parking permit?
Students will be refunded on a prorated basis for the purchase of a parking permit. The method in which this refund will be credited is still being assessed. More detailed information will be posted on this FAQ page as it becomes available.

Is the Greater Binghamton Transportation Center providing transit service?
With the exception of Broome County Transit, transit carriers will stop servicing the Greater Binghamton Transportation Center effective midnight Thursday, March 26. Transit carriers that service the transportation center include Shortline Coach USA, Megabus, Greyhound, Trailways and OurBus. These service providers will halt service to the transportation center until further notice.

Will OCCT continue to operate?
OCCT has halted service effective 4 p.m. Saturday, March 21.

Will BC Transit continue to operate?
BC Transit will continue to provide service to the campus and community for urgent and absolutely necessary travel only, i.e. to the pharmacy or grocery store. Schedule updates are available on the BC Transit website. Continue to visit this link as scheduling is subject to change.

Will Safe Ride continue to operate?
Safe Ride has halted service effective Tuesday, March 17. Individuals who feel in need of a walking escort should contact University Police at 607-777-2393.

Can I still use Zipcars?
Zipcars are still available for use.

TAPS updates 2019-2020

Parking Garage daily payment method changes
The Parking Garage gate renovation is complete. Customers are able to gain exit by use of a proximity card, guest pass or with a paid entry ticket. There is no change to proximity card entry or exit, but daily payment methods have changed.

Two pay stations are being added to the garage to eliminate pay-in-lane, requiring visitors to pay before they exit. Currently, one pay station has been installed on the lower level of the garage with a second one to follow on the second level. Pay stations will accept credit/debit card or cash (no coins).

Visitor's Paid Lot daily payment method changes
The Visitor’s Paid Lot gate renovation is complete. Customers are able to gain exit by use of a proximity card, guest pass or by paying with a credit/debit card. Cash and checks are no longer accepted. 

Guest pass update
Necessary updates to the gates and equipment in the Parking Garage and the Visitor’s Paid Lot have created the need for new guest passes. Guest passes are still accepted in both of these lots, but existing guest passes must be exchanged for new passes at Parking Services. Parking Services is located on the ground floor of Couper Administration Building, AD-G9. 

Temporary two week ADA permits
While waiting for state disability hang tags, temporary two week ADA permits are available to students, faculty and staff. Students can receive these by contacting SSD and faculty and staff by contacting HR. This temporary permit will not be extended longer than two weeks.