Office Hours

Tanya Husick, executive director of Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS), wants to hear from you. Tanya will host office hours once a month. Anyone who wishes to meet with Tanya may stop by AD-245 during the times listed below. Email taps@binghamton.edu for additional information.

  • Noon - 1:30 p.m., Jan. 29
  • Noon - 1:30 p.m., Feb 12
  • Noon - 1:30 p.m., March 3
  • Noon - 1:30 p.m., April 2
  • Noon - 1:30 p.m., May 6

TAPS updates 2019-2020

Parking Garage daily payment method changes
The Parking Garage gate renovation is complete. Customers are able to gain exit by use of a proximity card, guest pass or with a paid entry ticket. There is no change to proximity card entry or exit, but daily payment methods have changed.

Two pay stations are being added to the garage to eliminate pay-in-lane, requiring visitors to pay before they exit. Currently, one pay station has been installed on the lower level of the garage with a second one to follow on the second level. Pay stations will accept credit/debit card or cash (no coins).

Visitor's Paid Lot daily payment method changes
The Visitor’s Paid Lot gate renovation is complete. Customers are able to gain exit by use of a proximity card, guest pass or by paying with a credit/debit card. Cash and checks are no longer accepted. 

Guest pass update
Necessary updates to the gates and equipment in the Parking Garage and the Visitor’s Paid Lot have created the need for new guest passes. Guest passes are still accepted in both of these lots, but existing guest passes must be exchanged for new passes at Parking Services. Parking Services is located on the ground floor of Couper Administration Building, AD-G9. 

Lot L parking
Lot L, adjacent to Hinman College, has a fence dividing the lot for the upcoming Hinman Dining Hall renovation. The east side of Lot L, accessible from the new entrance on West Drive, is ADA parking only. The other side of the fence is currently available to commuter permit holders by the Connector Road entrance. 

Appeal process requirement
Citations are required to be paid before an appeal is submitted. If an appeal is accepted, the citation amount will be refunded.

Discounted Resident Parking Permit 
Resident students have the option to purchase a Discount Resident Parking Permit which allows them to purchase an annual permit at a discounted rate of $100. This permit allows them to park in Lot G1 only. This will show up as an option for residents to select online if they decide to do so. In order to maintain correct usage of this permit type, parking enforcement will ensure that all vehicles with a Discounted Resident Parking Permit are parked in lot G1. Otherwise, a citation to the permit holder will be issued.

High Occupancy Vehicle Program 
Students who purchase a permit for $140.55 are eligible to participate in the High Occupancy Vehicle Program. During Information Booth hours of operation, when a vehicle with at least three total occupants stops at the Information Booth, the driver will receive access to the Visitor's Paid Lot and Parking Garage as well as accumulate times participated towards money back on the driver's purchased permit. The vehicle must have a valid parking permit and all individuals in the vehicle must show their University ID. At the end of an academic year, if participants carpooled 35 times or more, $25 will be returned to the permit holder. All reimbursements will be checks.

Temporary two week ADA permits
While waiting for state disability hang tags, temporary two week ADA permits are available to students, faculty and staff. Students can receive these by contacting SSD and faculty and staff by contacting HR. This temporary permit will not be extended longer than two weeks.

Gotcha Bike location changes
Binghamton University has 30 GPS-enabled Gotcha bikes on campus. This year a few of the four bike hub locations have changed. They are now located under the overhang in the Nelson A. Rockefeller Collegiate Center, at the top of the hill from the East Gym, next to the bus shelter in Newing College and at the lecture hall bike rack. Visit the Gotcha Bike website to find the location nearest you.

Safe Ride hours of operation change
Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) offers a Safe Ride program. Safe Ride is not an on-campus taxi service, but one that provides a safe escort for individuals who feel uncomfortable walking alone after dark. Students are able to request a safe escort on main campus by calling 607-777-7233. Safe Ride operates from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. seven days a week. 

OCCT and Broome County Transit schedules
Off Campus College Transport (OCCT) and Broome County Transit provide transit service at no cost with the swipe of a University ID. Both bus companies have GPS tracking devices linked to applications that display where the buses are at all times and how far they are from any given stop location.   For OCCT service, download ETA SPOT and for Broome County Transit service, download DoubleMap. Check the links below for static bus schedules.

OCCT scheduleBroome County Transit schedule

Continue to check back for up-to-date TAPS news and information.

New parking lot, Lot G1 location

The new parking lot, Lot G1, has available parking space during the day. If you are interested in parking in this lot it is located adjacent to Glenn G. Bartle Drive. Vehicles enter the lot via the driveway on the east side of the West Gym, sharing the entrance with Lot G, which is located behind the West Gym. The campus shuttle stops in front of the West Gym. See the image below or download the parking map for lot location. 

The piloted designation of this lot is that it is a 24-hour, multi-permit lot to accommodate faculty, staff, resident students, commuter students and non-affiliated guests and visitors. The lot has 297 spaces, 10 of which are metered Whoosh spaces. 

Lot G1