Current Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Nilufer Akalin: Transnational migration, labor migration, indentured servitude, political sociology, sociology of health, health policies

Apurva Apurva: Historical Sociology, Social Movements and Urban Studies

Kushariyaningsih C. Boediono: World-ecology, political economy of development, environmental history, historical sociology. Link

Jonathan A. Christiansen: Social movements, Transnational labor/class formation under neoliberalism, Political economy of South Asia

Hua-Hsuan Chu: Food regime, reproduction, coloniality, imperialism, East Asian capitalism

Daniel Cunha: world-ecology, Industrial Revolution, commodity frontiers, historical capitalism, critique of political economy, crisis theory, Anthropocene/Capitalocene, Critical Theory | Link

Jai Tumolo: Political Economy, Historical capitalism, Anthropocene/Capitalocene, Gender and the family, The Commodification of Social Relations, Critical Theory. Link

John Peter Antonacci: World-ecology, Sociology of War, Political Sociology, Political Theory, History of Capitalism, Hegemony as Ecological Project, Second World War. Link

Jacqueline M. E. Frazer: World-ecology, Disease ecology, Epidemiology, World-historical method, Anthropocene/Capitalocene, Emotional labor and Service-based labor studies. Link 

Büşra Ferligül: Political sociology, political economy, populism, Latin America

Gabreélla Friday: Social movements, civil rights, mass incarceration, and political

Luis Garrido: The processes of state socialism within the capitalist world-system, Maritime transportation within the process of accumulation of capital at world-scale. Link 1 | Link 2

Marcin Grodzki: Social psychology/symbolic interactionism, C. Wright Mills, "old" institutional economics, Karl Polanyi, sociology of knowledge, pragmatism

Ren-Jie Hong: Social policy, welfare state, China study, labor study, comparative politics, and social image

Frank Hughes: Cultural political economy, urban studies, crime and justice studies, competing methodological approaches to social science

Chungse Jung: World-historical study of social movements, Historical sociology, Political sociology, Development sociology, World-System Analysis, Political Economy of East Asia

Eren Karaca: Political economy of globalization, social policy, welfare state, international/transnational organizations

Steve Knauss: Theories of imperialism and unequal exchange, the political economy of development and global inequalities, Marxism and the history of the international left

Jonghwa Kwon: Climate change and carbon economy, Politics of Nature, Global energy politics, Social Studies of Finance, East Asian political economy
Dissertation research: "Green Dreams: Development, Climate Change, and Making Carbon Markets in Korea"

Bronwyn Lee: Political economy, Comparative methodologies, Economic policy, Extractive industries. My current research looks at bauxite mining in Jamaica and Australia to explain how nationalization is affected by location in the world-system.

Yeon-Hwa Lee: Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Public Policy, Migration, Social Change, Inequality, Stratification

Serra Yuksek: Gender Studies, Intersectionality, Identity Construction, Modernity, Muslim Women, Neoliberalism

Mehmet Can Omay: The Political, Economic and Historical Sociology of the Ottoman Empire, Modern Turkey, and the Middle East. My current research project is about Neoliberal Islamism of Turkey, which is represented by the AKP government.

Engin Burak Yilmaz: World-Ecology, World-Historical Method, Sociology of Science and Technology, Early Modern Period, Political Ecology, Economic History, Environmental History. Link

Sung Hee Ru: World-systems analysis, Classical theoretical studies, East Asian studies, and Comparative historical sociology

Büşra Doga: Historical sociology, Global labour history, Labour migration, Feminist politics, Women's and gender history

Michael Stephens: Historical Sociology, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Political Economy and Development, State and Nation, the Caribbean and Atlantic world, Cultural Studies

Canan Tanir: Sociology of body, Women's movements, Sociology of knowledge, Feminist epistemologies, Islam and neoliberalism

Andrea Toth: World-System Analysis, Historical Sociology, Critical Political-Economy, Structural Inequalities, Nationalism

Manuel Francisco Varo Lopez: Climate change, Political ecology, Agrarian studies, Energy regimes, Environmental and climate history

Crystal E. Vuole: Ecofeminism, animal rights movement, intersectionality theory, gender representations, women's representations in horror films

Elif Yilmaz-Kucek: Migration, Social Inequality, Gender | Link

Emre Şahin: Social movements, political economy, prefigurative mobilization in Rojava (North Syria), women's mobilization, grassroots vs central decision-making, conflict resolution

Babyrani Yumnam: International Development, Historical Sociology, Borderland Studies

Fathun Karib Satrio: World-ecology, Critical Agrarian Studies, Anthropocene/Capitalocene, Political-Economy of Disaster, Commodity Frontiers, Colonial Relations, Empire - Frontier Making

Harun Ercan: Political Sociology, Authoritarianism, Democratic Breakdowns, Social Movements, Ethnic Conflict, Civil War and Conflict Resolution. Link

Stephen F. Skelly: Political Economy, Cycles of Social Struggle, Social Movements and forms of struggle/organization, Comparative-Historical Sociology, Ethnographic and Mixed Methods

Marija Radovanovic: World-ecology, World-Systems Analysis, Historical Materialism, Critical Theory, Political Economy, Environmental History, Socialism in the World-System, Theories of De-Alienation

Nicola Satchell: Political sociology, criminal justice, green criminology, community studies and postcolonial theory.

Francisco J Gachet Paredes: Agrarian Studies, World-System Analysis, Political Economy of Latin America and the Andean Region

Mariah Nelson: American enslavement of Africans, systematic consequences of slavery on black families, and black fatherhood and masculinity

Odilka Santiago: Urban Sociology