Graduate Elective Courses

Graduate Elective Course Offerings (Subject to Change)

For details regarding elective course offerings, what are considered technical or interpersonal electives, and requirements for declaring a concentration, please visit the Graduate Advising Office. Note that some majors require students take at least one technical elective and one interpersonal elective. 

Elective Course Availability

We cannot guarantee when elective courses will be offered. If an elective course is required for your concentration, you are strongly urged to register for that course when you see it is available. Most required elective courses are only offered once per academic year. If an elective course is closed at the time of your registration, submit a Closed Course Petition.

Concentrations in the MBA Program

To complete a concentration, a minimum of four courses (sixteen credit hours) is required. Concentrations are optional. You can declare a concentration at this link.

MS Accounting students are not able to declare a concentration.


Leadership and Consulting

Management Information Systems


Supply Chain Management