Study Abroad

An international experience will expand your worldview and engage you with the broader business world. Decisions people are making overseas affect your business even if you don't do business outside of the United States.

Students at the bachelor's level are encouraged to study abroad. We advise you to start early in exploring the international opportunities available through Binghamton University and the entire SUNY system. Because the usual courses to be taken abroad are language and cultural, it is common to undertake this sort of study abroad in the sophomore year, especially in the spring semester.

How can you learn more about study abroad?

Helpful tips

We encourage all students to take advantage of learning in a different country, with consideration of our requirements to study abroad:

  • Students are permitted to take up to 2 upper level business courses while studying abroad from an AACSB or EQUIS accredited school.
    • International students who wish to study abroad in their home country are limited to taking 1 upper level business course from an AACSB or EQUIS accredited school.
  • Prior approval for all courses you plan to take abroad is required. Please complete the Petition to Take Courses at Another Institution online.
  • Meet with an SOM academic advisor to review the number of credits available for transfer to your degree.
  • Depending on the study abroad program you choose, you may be required to fill out and submit additional paperwork. Allow sufficient time to prepare recommendations, transcripts, approvals, a personal statement, etc.
  • Respond to registration information sent to you while you are abroad.

Where can you go?

If you wish to take and transfer business courses abroad, you must enroll in an AACSB accredited business school. SOM fosters substantive ties among the world’s leading business schools. Student may apply to the partner universities as a study abroad or exchange student, depending on the space availability and nature of the program.

As a State University of New York (SUNY) campus, Binghamton University offers hundreds of study abroad programs with universities across the globe. As an exchange student, you will be able to retain your financial aid, pay Binghamton tuition while abroad and transfer the credits you earn while studying off campus if you pursuing a program through a SUNY institution.

For more information about the study abroad programs you’re interested in, visit the home SUNY campus’ international programs web site, if the university is not a Binghamton University-affiliated program.

AACSB or EQUIS accredited institutions through Binghamton University

See the terms each program is offered in after the program name:

France - Business, Communications & Liberal Arts at SKEMA Business School (fall, spring)
South Korea - Korea University Business School (fall, spring)
United Kingdom - Lancaster University (fall, spring)
United Kingdom - University of Nottingham (fall, spring)
United Kingdom - University of Edinburgh (fall, spring)

SUNY-affiliated AACSB or EQUIS accredited institutions

Australia - University of Wollongong - Albany (fall, spring)
Australia - University of New South Wales – Plattsburgh (fall, spring)
Australia - University of South Australia – Buffalo State (fall, spring)
Australia - La Trobe University - Oswego (fall, spring)
Australia - University of Queensland - Plattsburgh (fall, spring)
Australia - Bond University - Plattsburgh (fall, spring)
Australia - University of Melbourne - Brockport (fall, spring)
Australia - University of Sydney - Brockport (fall, spring, summer)
Australia - Macquarie University - Brockport (fall, spring)
Australia - Deakin University - Stony Brook (fall, spring)
Australia - Griffith University - Cortland (fall, spring)
Australia - University of Newcastle - Buffalo State (fall, spring)
Australia - Queensland University of Technology - Oswego (fall, spring)
Australia - University of the Sunshine Coast - Fredonia (fall, spring)
Australia - University of Technology Sydney - Oswego (fall, spring)
Australia - Curtin University - New Paltz (fall, spring)
China - University of International Business and Economics - Stony Brook (fall, spring)
China - Nanjing University - Stony Brook (fall, spring)
China - Shanghai University - Stony Brook (fall, spring)
China - Tsinghua University - Stony Brook (fall, spring)
Denmark - Copenhagen Business School - Stony Brook (fall, spring, summer)
Denmark - Aarhus University - Buffalo State (fall, spring, summer)
Egypt - American University in Cairo - Cortland (fall, spring, summer, winter)
France - KEDGE Business School Semester - Geneseo (fall, spring, summer)
Hong Kong - Chinese University of Hong Kong - Stony Brook (fall, spring, summer)
Ireland - University College Dublin - Oswego (fall, spring, summer)
Ireland - Trinity College Dublin - Geneseo (fall, spring)
Ireland - University of Limerick - New Paltz (fall, spring, summer)
Ireland - University College Cork - Cortland (fall, spring, summer)
Israel - Tel Aviv University - Albany (fall, spring)
Israel - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Albany (fall, spring)
Italy - Bocconi University - Albany (fall, spring)
Italy - John Cabot University - Brockport (fall, spring, summer)
Mexico - Universidad de las Américas Puebla - Potsdam (fall, spring, summer)
Netherlands - University of Groningen - Geneseo (fall, spring)
Netherlands - Erasmus University Rotterdam - Stony Brook (fall, spring)
New Zealand - University of Canterbury – Brockport (fall, spring)
New Zealand - Auckland University of Technology - Oswego (fall, spring)
New Zealand - University of Waikato – Oswego (fall, spring)
New Zealand - University of Otago - Oswego (fall, spring)
New Zealand - Victoria University of Wellington - New Paltz (fall, spring)
Portugal - Study in Portugal Network – Fredonia (fall, spring)
Puerto Rico - University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras - Oswego (fall, spring)
South Korea - Chung-Ang University - Stony Brook (fall, spring, summer)
South Korea - Hankuk University of Foreign Studies - Oswego (fall, spring, summer)
South Korea – Kyungpook National University – Oswego (fall, spring, summer)
South Korea - Yonsei University - Albany (fall, spring, summer, winter)
South Korea - Sogang University - Geneseo (fall, spring)
Taiwan - National Chung Hsing University - Stony Brook (fall, spring)
Thailand - Mahidol University - Brockport (fall, spring)
Singapore - Singapore Institute of Management - UB (summer)
Spain - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - New Paltz (fall, spring)
Spain - University of Deusto - Plattsburgh (fall, spring)
Spain - Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Oswego (fall, spring, summer)
Sweden - Linnaeus University - Oneonta (fall, spring)
United Kingdom - University of Hull – Albany (fall, spring)
United Kingdom - Kingston University - New Paltz (fall, spring, summer)
United Kingdom - Manchester Metropolitan University - Buffalo State (fall, spring)
United Kingdom - King's College London - Brockport (summer)
United Kingdom - Brunel University London - Brockport (fall, spring)
United Kingdom - University of Manchester - Stony Brook (fall, spring, summer)
United Kingdom - Queen Mary University of London - Brockport (fall, spring, summer)