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Cultivating excellence outside the classroom

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Creating community

Our residential campus is central to the Binghamton experience. Our alumni think of their residential community as their first Binghamton identity. The vibrant residential colleges that define the Binghamton  campus stimulate student connections to each other and our faculty and staff and enhance creativity and innovation among students.

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Holistic student development

The Binghamton student experience is characterized by balance. Abundant health and wellness programs, award winning career services, an emphasis on community-based learning experiences and the direct involvement of faculty in residential communities all lead to an integrated living-learning community and well-rounded graduates.

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Empowering individuals

Binghamton’s community exemplifies diversity, and diversity is strength. We support and encourage students in using their own unique agency to better our campus and our world.

Student Affairs innovations

We are invested in the mental, physical, emotional and academic well-being of all students. We collaborate across the University on internships, community-engaged learning opportunities, wellness initiatives and physical space improvements with those goals in mind. Read some of our most recent success stories.

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collaborative activities that support campus well-being.

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The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to an educational philosophy that locates students at the center of the learning process, facilitating their intellectual emotional, social and physical well-being.